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a soft-nosed small-arms bullet that expands when it hits a target and causes a gaping wound

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A guest and observant was Jun's better half Gingging Dumdum, herself an author of collections of haiku and tanka in English.
Some six pillars at the KPT Interchange had a short red brick wall encircling them with soil poured inside for the dumdum saplings to be planted in.
ANSWERS: 1 Germany; 2 Sandhurst; 3 Home to the Lord Mayor of London; 4 A woodwind instrument similar to the oboe; 5 The dumdum expanding bullet; 6 The Dresser; 7 Australia; 8 Anthony Trollope; 9 Lightning flash; 10 Two.
The train was running from northern Dumdum Station to southern Central Station and derailed at the Mahatma Gandhi station.
In Untitled (Ray Johnson is a dumdum), 1963, an image of a woman's face, breast, and upper arm, seemingly cut from a page in something like a health-and wellness magazine, has been further altered with the typewritten text RAY JOHNSON IS A DUMDUM, below which the dictionary definition of the word dumdum has been taped.
THREE boxes of lethal dumdum bullets were found in a wardrobe at the home of a young Huyton man, a court has heard.
We've been reading the same sort of stories for years, from the late 1800s when British ordnance was loading expanding bullets in the .303 service round at the DumDum arsenal in India, to the 5.56mm in the 1960s; how a hit in the finger would blow the arm off, or a hit anywhere in the body was instant death from "hydrostatic shock."
A former airport security officer who sparked an alert when he flew into London carrying banned dumdum bullets in his jacket pocket has been jailed for nine months.
The bullets are internationally banned dumdum bullets which explode inside the body.
The male protagonists of Vera of Las Vegas are two members of the Provisional IRA, "Dumdum" Devine and "Taco" Bell, whose conversation is filled with the kind of double entendres, puns and word play one has come to expect from characters in Muldoon's poems.
He was arrested along with his elder brother, Ricky, 31, and Sophia Dumdum, 27, said Chief Superintendent Reynaldo Biay, Eastern Police District director.
Judge Simeon Dumdum, of the Cebu Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 7, said the increase in tax deductions would also hurt judges.