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in a stupid manner

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Then again, perhaps you deliberately chose not to at that time.' I shake my head dumbly.
This year, in particular, change has been the retailing constant, but in many quarters of the retailing community things have been remarkably consistent, with many companies doing very little and hoping, sometimes dumbly, for the best.
Though the message of the film is meant to be reassuringly patriotic, what we see cannot be denied: oncejaunty Tommy faces returning from the Front harrowed and gaunt; mass graves being dug for corpses bestrewn everywhere; a regimental dog loyally shot alongside his dead master; horses dumbly perishing as they waited patiently to tow the next heavy mass of artillery.
This went on for a few minutes, and the whole time I stood there dumbly thinking, Wait, there was a championship?
She wore a trim herringbone suit, stylish heels, and a shimmering white blouse that was so pristinely immaculate that I found myself staring at it, somewhat dumbly, until she gently cleared her throat.
To make things even more ridiculous, those who impose the sanctions, the EU and the US, demand of third countries, such as Macedonia, to stand in line with the obedient and implement them and dumbly watch how the sanctions are violated by certain countries.
crumbly, dumbly, Conquer, conquest, vase, phase, fan, Wan, sedan
In the 95-degree heat of that July day, just before taking the photo, I stared dumbly at the Nelson and tried in vain to envision snow in such massive quantities that dump trucks and machinery were needed to remove it.
The point they all point to the laughter moment in every teachable moment, and having perhaps dumbly encouraged it for two months, I am now beginning to show my discomfort with their mirth.
THE cornerstone of Channel 4's 80s night is scheduled, dumbly, at the same time as Later...
REWIND THE TUBE (11:05pm Channel 4) THE cornerstone of Channel 4's 80s night is scheduled, dumbly, at the same time as Later With Jools Holland over on BBC2.
While others scream or stand around dumbly, she hustles off to lock windows and gather weapons.
Typically, computers have just dumbly waited for their human operators to ask for help.