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Synonyms for dumbbell

Synonyms for dumbbell

an exercising weight

an ignorant or foolish person

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Dumbbells are handheld weights that are great for starting out in muscle toning and strength-training.
More than half of all reported dumbbell tumors were completely restricted to the extradural space, although preoperative MRI suggested the presence of intradural/extradural tumors in some cases (61,62).
Lying flat on a bench with your hands holding dumbbells above your face, lower the dumbbells down towards your ears and straighten up from the elbow.
Doubly ionized oxygen (O III, green in the image) dominates in the interior and helps complete the familiar dumbbell. The faint extensions that close M27's oval also consist mostly of O III.
Place 2 dumbbells on the floor about shoulder-width apart and get into pushup position with one hand on each weight.
Caption: FIGURE 8: EDX spectra of ZnO nanodumbbells measured at different surfaces: (a) the twin junction and (b) basal plan of ZnO dumbbell.
ged he held his mother dumbbell top of and her partner hostage at St Mary's Avenue and that the front door was barricaded.
* As you press back up to standing, extend your arms and swing the dumbbell over to the right side of your body, turning your torso to the right.
Thornton, 24, of Berwyn Mill Cottages, Llangollen, admitted two charges of common assault and possessing the dumbbell as an offensive weapon.
Grab the dumbbell and bend your elbows, hands going towards your shoulder.
LEVEL 2 - Now add some more resistance to these exercises, such as stability ball squats and planks, dumbbell lunges, a lat pull-down machine and dumbbell shoulder presses.
Dumbbell Training offers nearly eighty exercises and fifteen programs for programs using the dumbbell, and is a pick for any athlete who wants specific exercises based on muscle development, performance, and building strength.
Those include dumbbell curls, shoulder presses (raising the dumbbells above your shoulder), overhead tricep extensions (holding a dumbbell with both hands and your arms extended over your head, lowering the weight behind your head and then returning the dumbbell to the starting position) and front raises for the shoulders (holding the dumbbells at your side, bringing them up to shoulder height and repeating).
Mr Lockwood was beaten with a dumbbell, kicked, punched and had a television and ornaments thrown at him during a vicious onslaught.
London, March 21 ( ANI ): Jodie Marsh has finally revealed the stories behind some of her favorite tattoos that range from a bulb of garlic to a bottle of vodka and even a dumbbell.