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If she had to choose a symbol for her own dumbass life that would be the image she'd try to catch.
As nicely summarized by Sarah Jeong in a tweet less than three months before she joined the New York Times, '"I am not a racist' is now a surefire confirmation of racism." In other words, dumbass f***ing white people accused of racism can either admit their guilt or, by denying the charge, confirm it.
Don't tell the enemy our military plans, said the man, who after Assad gassed about 70 women and children near Damascus last week, maniacally tweeted, "Get ready, Russia, because (the missiles) will be coming nice and new and 'smart.'" No such thing as a smart bomb when used by a dumbass!
- "What a dumbass " (Speech Act--Prejudicial Chastising; Verbal Aggression--ridicule, swearing)
Sherwin Gatchalian ushered in the new year with a verbal fireworks display on his Twitter account, trading insults and calling some netizens 'gago' (dumbass) and 'ulol' (crazy) over his old tweets praising former President Benigno Aquino III.
Parks's scene grabs readers: "'Murderer, baby killer, racist, government pawn, ultimate patsy, stooge, fall guy, camp follower, dumbass, dope fiend, loser.' Hhhhh" (252).
Let's say here that the literary-cultural matter doesn't go above (doesn't drop below) the publisher level: every dumbass moves in relation to a possible publication, and now literature is shitting itself (momentarily) because of the political opening up that it is demanding to fill a vacuum of political books, obviously political books, other levels of the same old rigamarole that doesn't interest us.
HUONG: If you don't let go of my bags, I will stab you, dumbass!
"We won't tell her, dumbass. We'll tell her we're going out to play.
"Dumbass here was watching the ducks instead of the road.
'Be more aggressive'.' 'Shut up, you don't think I know that, dumbass?'" Triple Wimbledon champion McEnroe (right) was infamous for his on-court antics and admits he was "probably uncoachable" as a player.
A budding Chinese Sherlock Holmes meets his dumbass Watson in Bangkok and solves a locked-room murder in singer-actor-director Chen Sicheng's "Detective Chinatown," a carefully constructed mystery that blends screechy comedy and crazed action in high-spirited but somewhat ungainly fashion.
TIGER WOODS called himself a dumbass when his long-awaited comeback hit the skids at Augusta yesterday.
From Mather Schneider (Tucson, AZ): I questioned and challenged Tim [Tim Green, Ed., Rattle] for weeks, dumbass! How do you think I got banned from the Facebook page?
He later added: "Newly discovered #foxnewsfacts reveal that classic Three Musketeers was really about three Brummie Mujahids known to US author Alexander Dumbass."