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a performance using gestures and body movements without words

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Section one, 'Taxonomy', begins with Tiffany Stern's 'Inventing Stage Directions; Demoting Dumb Shows', which actually deals with dumb shows first, then stage directions.
Claudius does not respond to the dumb show, for whatever reason, but his reaction to The Murder of Gonzago is understandable if we recall, as Francis Fergusson has pointed out, that Hamlet identifies Lucianus not as brother but as nephew to the king.
"We're not allowed to talk to the prisoners, but there is a scene where the prisoners come up to the fence and they've got a great big book of banners and slogans, and they turn the pages in a kind of dumb show of protest without anybody breaking the rules about talking.
Both productions employed vaudeville elements: the dumb show in Hamlet was exaggerated (and even funny) while Rosencrantz's concluding bit of metatheatre was cinematic and eerie.
In the scene on the left, a traditional commedia company has come to town and is drumming up business with a dumb show, an abbreviated version of the performance they're doing that night.
Hamlet stages a dumb show that reveals his uncle's secret.
Traherne calls this uncanny life-in-death a dumb show. (Compare not only the masque form suggested by Johnston but the artificial mechanistic model of the state proposed by Hobbes).
When at last he sees what others see (i.e., his own life broadcast on television), he does a fascinated dumb show in front of the monitor-as-mirror in a parody of the notorious "narcissism" of early video.
Acquisto's opening picture of the unplayed harmonium in the meeting-room of Rene Ghil's circle captures their musically outcast state through its paradoxically eloquent dumb show. Never, he says, was a literary movement so fascinated by music, yet none of its members was a musician.
It is a comedy which packs a fair share of angst after an amusing start with a dumb show in which the friends adopt parallel crouches to view
Unfortunately, R&G are dragged unwillingly into the action where Stoppard questions the nature of death as Hamlet's father is poisoned in the famous dumb show sequence.
The story of Old Hamlet's death is literally rearticulated within a new form in the dumb show and the play-within-the-play of The Murder of Gonzago.
Ultimately it is like watching Hamlet without the prince--the players have their entrances and exits but we do not gain understanding or insight because we are watching what amounts to a dumb show. Ultimately the field remains open for better analysis and for better theory as to how democracies succeed or fail in wartime, particularly in small wars.
The focus of chapter 3, on Hamlet, is The Murder of Gonzago, an incomplete and thus problematized imitation of the dumb show introducing it, which is itself an imitation of an old play in the actors' repertory as well as of recent events at Elsinore.
A particularly compelling example comes from a dumb show in John Ford's The Broken Heart, in which, as Engel argues, Calantha "marries" "Ithocles in death--and, at the same time, Ithocles as King Death, emblematically rendered with his costume of sovereignty" (81).