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Synonyms for dumb

unable to speak


  • unable to speak
  • mute
  • without the power of speech


dumb something down


  • trivialize
  • sensationalize
  • make shallow
  • make superficial
  • make trivial
  • make frivolous
  • make less intelligent

Synonyms for dumb

lacking the power or faculty of speech

temporarily unable or unwilling to speak, as from shock or fear

Synonyms for dumb

slow to learn or understand

Related Words

temporarily incapable of speaking

lacking the power of human speech

unable to speak because of hereditary deafness

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'Would a leadership that is not becoming 'dumb and dumber' showed no sense of remorse or contrition for the global kleptocracy of the 1MDB scandal, especially after the United States Department of Justice had filed a 250-page large kleptocratic forfeiture litigation for US$1.7 billion of over US$4.5 billion of 1MDB-linked assets?' he said.
"I know I am not dumb and I know I am not stupid and I shouldn't be allowing anyone else to make me feel that way."
Even the dumb phones have cameras, but they are so bad that one is obliged to enjoy the moment instead of saving every moment for the benefit of posterity.
James McGrory, director of the pro-EU Open Britain campaign, added: "He could have plastered, 'It's a dumb idea and there will be less money for the NHS' on the side of a bus.
BAB chief executive Dr Waheed Al Qassim said that the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has assigned BAB to find the best solutions and practices that enable deaf and dumb to make banking transactions easily.
But it has been informed that no policy is in place for enrolment of deaf, dumb and disabled persons.
Dumb shows typically presented events crucial to the plot, so it was important that their action be understood by playgoers.
Specifically, playing dumb allows your conversational partner time to self-correct (e.g., "That's not what I meant" or "I can't believe I just said that; sorry") after an ill-conceived statement.
"Dumb and Dumber To" which is distributed by Universal Pictures was shown in U.S.
The experience of sitting through "Dumb and Dumber To," which reunites Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels with directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly 20 years after their maiden voyage to the lower depths of imbecility, is like watching an aging MLB slugger wind down his career in the minor leagues.
Twenty years after the 1994 original, ''Dumb and Dumber To'' opened with $38.1 million at the weekend box office, according to studio estimates Sunday.
PREVIEW The Dumb Waiter WARWICKSHIRE COLLEGE, RUGBY student Janeks Babidorics is taking to the stage with professional actor Chris Cusick in Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter.
blue forest With only you on my mind Dumb spirit Only you on my mind You
Dumb Things We Say to Dogs: Essays and Other Stuff I Can't Keep to Myself comes from a soccer mother in Ohio who regularly speaks to her dog, and offers a fun essay collection that will appeal to any who appreciate wry observation pieces of life's ironies.
DUMB WAYS TO DIE (IOS and Android) Price: Free IT WAS quite difficult to ignore my daughter's belly-laughing as I attempted to watch the football on the TV.