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a British peer of the highest rank

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a nobleman (in various countries) of high rank

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Then the duke said openly that his dog had been killed by a drug with which they meant to poison him; and one day after dinner he went to bed, calling out that he had pains in his stomach and that Mazarin had poisoned him.
Every kind of revenge was practiced upon the duke by the governor in return for the insults of the innocent Pistache.
Sometimes, when Monsieur de Chavigny paid him a visit, the duke used to ask him what he should think if he saw an army of Parisians, all fully armed, appear at Vincennes to deliver him from prison.
And in his turn the duke bowed low to Monsieur de Chavigny.
La Ramee became, therefore, the duke's dinner guest by compulsion -- an eternal keeper, the shadow of his person; but La Ramee -- gay, frank, convivial, fond of play, a great hand at tennis, had one defect in the duke's eyes -- his incorruptibility.
coast, Duke Energy is closely monitoring the storm and its projected path for potential impacts to North Carolina and South Carolina.
With the exception of two recently delivered buildings, Duke Realty's 13 million-square-foot industrial portfolio in the Atlanta metro area is 93.5 percent occupied.
Interestingly, someone posted on the site (https://www.quora.com/Will-William-become-Prince-of-Wales-when-Charles-becomes-King-and-will-Harry-eventually-become-the-Duke-of-York) Quora the question on whether or not William will become the Prince of Wales and Harry the Duke of York if their father becomes king.
Duke University is agreeing to pay $54.5 million to settle claims that it and nearby University of North Carolina conspired to hold down salaries of medical professors by agreeing not to hire staff away from each other.
The debentures are unsecured obligations and will rank subordinate and junior in right of payment to all Duke's current and future senior indebtedness.
For the first time people can hear the new Duke of Westminster speaking in a short film promoting a national rehabilitation centre for injured soldiers backed by his late father to the tune of [pounds sterling]70m.
Duke Energy first acquired a majority interest in REC Solar in February of 2015.
Duke yielded to compatriot Amelia Watkinson in last year's edition of the event featuring 1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run in both divisions.
"Duke & Sterling's extensive expertise, experience and network in entertainment and sports will accelerate Rackfest's growth exponentially.