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Synonyms for dugout

either of two low shelters on either side of a baseball diamond where the players and coaches sit during the game

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a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log

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a fortification of earth

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The great beast, with arched back and purring like a contented tabby, rubbed his sides against the ape-man, and then at a word from the latter sprang lightly to his former place in the bow of the dugout.
But a moment later, when Kaviri was able to realize the nature of the crew that manned the white man's dugout, he would have given all the beads and iron wire that he possessed to have been safely within his distant village.
Meggo h8s Peace more 4eva & eva (The Hawthorns dugout)
Most important is where to sit: dugout or directors' box?
Providing a fun selection of music from rock and roll, punk, alternative, and classic rock for a superb interest for children ages 5 and older, Eat Every Bean And Pea On Your Plate offers young listeners exciting songs including: It's a Kids' World (3:43); For Those About to Walk, We Salute You (3:58); Cryin' in the Dugout (3:42); Irritation Man (3:00); Blitzkrieg Bop (Kids' Beat Bop) (1:57); Hang Up and Drive (3:41); To Sir with Love (instrumental) (2:26); Pink Floyd Saves Hugh Manatee (4:10); Dads Who Rock (3:06); Listen to the Flower People (2:22); I Never Twang For My Father (instrumental) (2:08); The Guy Who Couldn't Make a Rhyme (6:26); and the title track Eat Every Bean and Pea on Your Plate (2:44).
Rick Monday and Ken Gurnick's Tales From The Dodgers Dugout (1582619751, $19.95) tells of the Dodgers, who overcame pressures, influences, and problems to stag a comeback which would beat even the New York Yankees.
In his latest multimedia installation, Dugout, 1999-2002, Allen crosses a riverboat blues standard, W.
MYSTERY has deepened about who might have been Jose Mourinho's real link to the Chelsea dugout in the Champions League win over Bayern Munich.
After the third out, O'Neill started jogging toward the dugout, his eyes trained straight ahead with the chant still swelling around him.
"And as a vacation, it's everything we could have wanted and more." From rainforest hikes and dugout rides to jungle camping and piranha pond swims, the eco-reserve has a diversity of activities to meet the most adventurous of tastes.
Built of hardwoods and hauled out of the water when not in use, the dugout was free of the toredos that riddled the white man's vessels in the West Indies - one of Columbus' ships had to be beached in Jamaica because the planking had turned to Swiss cheese.
Eric Day is turning a hobby into a source of income with the opening of Day's Dugout Baseball Cards and Supplies.
To make the game special, Stephen, in advance, bought outrageously priced tickets in the first row on the third base side, just behind the Pirates dugout. The seats were remarkable.
"I said to him 'Arsene, look at the dugouts, they are miles apart, you'll never hear me today!' "He looked at the dugout slowly then he looked down at me and said 'Neil, you will find a way!' "I thought he was brilliant, Arsene, I did like him."
But he revealed that it proved to be a weird afternoon after he almost wandered into his old home dugout.