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an udder or breast or teat

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DUG has also seen its Reverse Time Migration (RTM) run significantly faster through this new technology," said Dr.
Tariq Ahmad district program Manager of SRSP while talking to Chitral Union of Journalists said that some 5 million were spent on these dug well.
In experiments he found that during spring and early summer, many vegetables on the dug beds, especially radish, onions and spinach, started growing more slowly, and that in the undug beds the leaves of spinach and lettuce were thicker and glossier, the radish roots were shinier and the onions had a deeper colour.
One of the diggers - known only as Dweeb - said: "It's the best tip I've ever dug.
He said that the number of oil wells, dug and rehabilitated in Basra, Missan, Baghdad and Kirkuk Provinces had reached 53 wells, including 39 dug and 14 rehabilitated.
4 : to uncover or search by or as if by turning up earth <They dug for gold.
If you are preparing the bed to plant trees, shrubs or perennials, you can just leave it when you've dug it over.
However, the beds are likely to have been dug deeply when they were first created.
They dug into the hillside and uncovered a few tail vertebrae and fragments of a tail spike of a stegosaur.
The small shelf that we've dug into the hillside can barely accommodate all the dig-team members who want to get in on the action.
Dug, I hear you bleed occasionally when you're singing.
They can literally be dug over in late spring and planted immediately.
One bed was double dug to provide an anticipated improvement in yield.
we observed at some distance the appearance of a ploughed field, and riding up towards it, found a large piece of ground more than four acres in extent, dug up and turned over.
Then I dug the real high priest, in shades and another tam, looking past all of us into the hipnopocity of everything, Monk.