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Synonyms for duet

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for duet

two performers or singers who perform together

a pair who associate with one another

a musical composition for two performers

(ballet) a dance for two people (usually a ballerina and a danseur noble)

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All 16 duets are of equal difficulty; each piece is an easy arrangement for a piano student at the late-intermediate level.
Mohammad said, "I really like Craig David and wish to sing a duet with him in addition to Beyonce and Rihanna.
Duet III tells the story of married couple, Shelley (Diane White) and Bobby (Wayne Parker), who have decided to holiday in Spain to finalise their divorce.
Although it would be ideal to perform the opus in its entirety, each individual duet would be just as effective as stand-alone recital pieces or when grouped with another one or two from the set.
Specifically, the firm has received reports of 13 serious injuries and three deaths after Duet TRS were used in the thoracic cavity.
Dannii, 36, who will feature in the new series of the ITV talent show starting a week today, added: "I did a duet with Kylie on her tour last year.
A recording of a sloppy magpie-lark duet inspired 7 songs from the male in 5 minutes.
The DUET 400 makes it quick and easy to record, duplicate and print on-demand.
The late-period ``American Recordings'' albums aren't represented, but there is his haunting duet with his daughter, Roseanne, ``September When It Comes,'' as well as seven previously unreleased songs, including a beautifully spare ``Down in the Valley,'' and a stirring duet with wife June, ``It Takes One to Know Me.
The colorfully designed DUET is a wheelchair bicycle tandem that combines the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design.
comMATCH launches the Duet 6001P, a new product module developed to help service providers in delivering PRI services to business customers.
The Spectrum Spotlight 300 IR imaging system features patented Duet detector technology that is said to overcome the limitations of traditional FT-IR imaging systems and provides scientists more complete chemical information to solve problems faster, according to the company.
Glade invites consumers to test their talents with the company's Freshest New Duet contest.
DUET offers site operators decision science-based real-time monitoring, reporting, and analysis of human behavior on the Web.
Presented with a chance to duet with Judy Garland, her fellow legends Count Basie, Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Mel Torme, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Lena Home, Peggy Lee, Barbra Streisand, and others eagerly seized the opportunity, mostly on Garland's 1963-1964 TV series.