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a person who fights duels

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Hercule Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac, a nobleman serving in the French Army, is brash, strong-willed and multi-talented In addition to being a remarkable duelist, he is a gifted poet.
Kellow's Kael transcends mere artistic contrarianism and resembles a sort of impassioned duelist.
Oscar grows up to become a skilled duelist and marksman at a tender age, and earns an appointment to Commander of the French Royal Guards.
This sensitive poet and graceful duelist has been reborn as a blunt soldier and a man of action, much admired by other blunt soldiers and men of action.
Gronow, who was equally as fashionable but never as compulsive a duelist, managed to record the life of a Regency dandy largely from his own experience.
As you show him your inventory of single-action revolvers, he mentions that one-handed is the way to go--the Duelist category in the game.
Some of the stories have child or teenage protagonists (the adolescent duelist in Ellen Kushner's "Charis," the daughter of a vampire in Jane Yolen's "Mama Gone"); others have themes of alienation or belonging, many of them reflecting magic in the modern world (the folk musicians in Emma Bull's "A Bird That Whistles," the hip young Knight Templar in Debra Doyle and James D.
Shooters can compete in any one of several categories, including: Traditional (fixed sighted single action sixguns from the 19th century or replicas thereof); Modern (single action sixguns with adjustable sights); Duelist (shooting sixguns one-handed); Gunfighter (sequentially shooting two sixguns right-handed and left-handed); and Black Powder.
A Decembrist literary celebrity and military hero, Bestuzhev-Marlinsky was himself a notorious duelist.
The maximum punishment for a duelist who killed his rival was six years of prison and 3,000 pesos in fine, instead of the death penalty that common homicides could receive.
Born in Stamford, New York, he served in the navy and won a reputation as an inveterate duelist.
He was an inveterate duelist, led the Astor Place riots against the English actor Macready, was an organizer of the nativistic Know - Nothing party, and during the Civil War was dismissed from the Union army for drunkenness.