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a person who fights duels

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American Tire Distributors is further supporting this promotion by offering triple HeafNet(R) Rewards on all Dueler sales during the period between Aug.
Based wear test results for P Metric sizes versus Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II, and Goodyear Fortera TT tires.
Widely praised for an extensive lineup of tires designed for conditions ranging from ordinary roads to challenging mud terrain, the DUELER tire line from Bridgestone has been selected as original equipment for many of the world's leading premium-class SUVs.
The curious fact about seconds is that while they were required to resume negotiations after each exchange of fire, they, too, because of some disagreement on the field, could become duelers.
Using the words and illustrations of contemporary fencing manuals, as well as the work of cultural historians such as Gail Kern Paster, Norbert Elias, and Anna Bryson, (4) Low examines the ways in which duelers worked within physical boundaries defined by their bodies and rapiers.
But it would be simpler still for the duelers to just use leeches," said Tumanov.
For the marine flatworms, particularly aggressive duelers may produce more offspring than so-so stabbers.
He now holds less cash than any of our duelers and holds more issues than anyone else.
In profile, features and function, it closely resembles the half-stocked duelers from Manton and other early 19th Century gun makers.
Certainly a man who felt obliged to risk his life in this premodern rite seems to us moderns a one-dimensional being more apt for caricature or scorn than sympathy, but McAleer, despite his disdain for the duel and duelers, has given us a complex portrait of the reasons why men dueled and shown how the archaic values of German elites were strengthened in the process.
The duel, held yesterday at high noon, pitted two duelers - one equipped with a standard mobile phone, and another with his BlackBerry device, to determine which could send emails quickest and most securely.
Two duelers using emoze and BlackBerry battled it out to see who could provide users with their emails quickest, and emoze emerged as comfortable winners.
These duelers can shoot up to 15 feet by using pool, lake, or beach water power, which means they never run out of water