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the cardinal compass point that is at 180 degrees

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hitched the sledge's dog harness around my chest, shoulder and waist, set my compass for due south and took the strain of my 495-kilo load, enough fuel and food to last me for 110 days'?
Iran's capital, -- , is located due south of the -- Sea.
It is in the shape of a trapezoid, with the longest side facing due south.
In the same general neighborhood, due south of McCarran International Airport, is Table 34, commanded by Laurie Kendrick, who formerly managed Chinois and Spago for Puck at Caesars Palace (brother Wes is in the kitchen).
Those that visit the country, like many Canadians heading due south, get home with a driver's license or other photo identification and a birth certificate.
Rita, with sustained winds clocked at 175mph, is thought likely to make landfall late today or early tomorrow near Freeport, Texas, some 40 miles southwest of Galveston and 60 miles due south of Houston.
A mere 50 miles due south of London, Brighton has always been a convenient seaside resort for libertines.
In 1998, Due South had wrapped and nature poured Paul Gross a vacuum.
Stroll due south, uphill through the campus; at the end of Mission Road, you'll see Fire Trail 41-9.
Wrexham is just 20 miles due south of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and, if the Runcorn Bridge permits, you can get there by car in less than 50 minutes.
The 30 or so Bonin Islands (depending on the chartmaker's whim, sometimes a rock is a small island or a small island is a rock/ are just slightly east of a line drawn due south from Tokyo.
Seemingly, any mariner could have made his reputation simply by sailing due south from any point on the globe.
A different team might tell Bush that the reliability of financial reports really is a big deal, that he should try not to upset investors unduly, that he's sending the market due south.
Seasoned ABC anchor Peter Jennings; Paul Gross, star of the CBS show Due South Nobel Prize-winning chemist Harry Kroto; software giant Bob Young, CEO of Red Hat, Inc.
This side of the building faces due south and, to prevent overheating, daylight is deflected and diffused by various means.