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the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances

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Alexis Conner, Pinckneyville, was cited with duty of due care (speeding).
A Cleveland Police spokeswoman has now confirmed that a 38-yearold woman was reported for driving without due care.
Robert Bell, 61, is accused of driving without due care and attention WALES NEWS SERVICE
Yesterday the second charge of causing her death by driving without due care and attention was added and he pleaded guilty to that count.
In a statement, a police spokesman said: "Following a voluntary attendance for interview with Lancashire Police, a 44-year-old woman from West Lancashire has been reported for summons for driving without due care and attention.
She said: "What seems strange is she has been given just three points for driving without due care and attention.
He also pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.
David Brown, who played paralysed car crash victimAdam Morgan in the teen TV soap,admitted driving without due care and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.
Businessman Stephen Lush, 54, from Ashstead, Surrey, is charged with criminal damage and driving without due care and attention.
ET Section 56.01, Article V--Due Care, of the AICPA Professional Standards: Code of Professional Conduct, notes: "Due care requires a member to discharge professional responsibilities with competence and diligence." Given these due diligence requirements, our knowledge that the questionable items leading to mandatory reporting to the IRS tend to be those involved with the EITC, and the loosely-worded IRS definitional language of abusive returns (may be inaccurate and may lead to an understatement of tax liability), prudence would dictate particular care being exercised in accepting taxpayer information for a RAL return.
A POLICE officer has been charged with driving without due care and attention over the accident which left TV presenter Sheena McDonald seriously injured.
"Where, however, a landlord establishes that it exercised due care, it will not be held liable," says the opinion of the Court.
There also is a need in all audits to document adherence to auditing standards, particularly the exercise of due care in planning the work to be performed.
Crystal Chance, of Du Quoin, was cited with duty of due care -- speeding.
The accused Mehmood Ahmed in the capacity of CEO CSIBL extended Musharka facility of Rs 1.540 billion to its associated concern MDCL without due care and caution and also without taking required approval of the Board of Directors of CSIBL.