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I just do not understand why I am seeing so many dud rounds.
The alarming figures were revealed just weeks after gardai raided a sophisticated set-up which was churning out dud [euro]50 notes.
The hurdles for the M918 are the dud rate of 3 to 8 percent and restrictive training in dry weather.
Homotypic co-morbidity, which refers to the co-occurrence of disorders from the same diagnostic group, such as the co-occurrence of substance use disorders like AUDs and DUDS.
Daddy is an action figure modeled after the architect; Mommy, who also moves, is modeled after Simmons--and dons her best Donna Karan duds.
Behind a red scrim covered with white spots, the company is hudled in a cluster, dressed in colorful 1960s duds.
Burbank, California; 818-567-7366) features barely worn designers duds.
Beloved for their fresh made omelets served in skillets, Lou Mitchell's also carries on the time-honored tradition of serving donut holes to their customers waiting in line and Milk Duds for the ladies.
With $100 gift certificates in hand, about 100 children picked through aisles of clothes, searching for the perfect duds Aug.
How to get a discount: If you don simple evening wear or trendy designer duds, you'll have to pay $173, but if you can be "glamorous, spectacular, opulent, provocative, or an exhibitionist," you get a "style ticket" for $100.
And they will be four times as likely to buy duds than others who are more organised.
The high-UV suitors sired up to 70 percent sons, and the duds fathered clutches that were perhaps 30 percent male.
However, these Lilliputian duds are no play clothes.