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Accordingly, mice deficient in estrogen receptor alpha show a dramatic reduction of AQP1 and -9 immunoreaction in the efferent ductules and impaired water reabsorption, which leads to water accumulation in the testis and a decrease in sperm concentration and motility (Ruz et al.
The posterior lid margin contains the marginal mucosa, the mucocutaneous junction, the meibomian gland orifices and associated terminal ductules, and the neighbouring keratinised skin.
It has been documented that hepatic bile ductule hyperplasia, megakaryosis, and vacuolation can all be reduced through the use of yeast additives to AD and DON contaminated swine diets (Chaytor et al.
28] Calcifications may be formed when LCIS extends into and obstructs the ductules, trapping the secretions of adjacent lobules and resulting in necrosis and calcification of inspissated secretions.
GGT enzymes are located in a variety of tissues, including the heart, brain, kidney, pancreas, spleen, and the biliary ductule cells of the liver [77].
Beyond that, terminal ductule hyperplasia is an early lesion present in rat mammary carcinogenesis (Haslam and Bern 1977; Shina and Dao 1975).
Dilated small ductule show live filarial worms movement-"Filarial Dance Sign" positive.
Expression of fas ligand on bile ductule epithelium in biliary atresia--a poor prognostic factor.
No ductal formation was seen, but some tumor cells revealed a vague condensation reminiscent of ductule formation, albeit without true ductal lumina (Figure 3).
Rare isolated bile ductules were associated with neutrophils consistent with cholangitis.
An endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in 1991 showed slight irregularity of the intrahepatic bile ductules and was thought to represent an early phase of primary sclerosing cholangitis.
Minute regenerative nodules ("buds") were small clusters of hepatocytes (less than 10 cells in diameter) admixed with ductules.
Such different fibrosis distribution can be clearly explained as follows: in ampullary carcinoma cases, duct obstruction was found at the terminal portion of the main pancreatic duct, whereas in chronic alcoholic pancreatitis cases, protein plugs may "plug" the small ductules, leading to obstruction of the area drained by these ductules, thus inducing a nodular pancreatitis pattern.
126, 127) Glutamine synthetase is usually not expressed in hepatocytes around fibrous scars containing arteries and bile ductules.