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(a) Bridging necrosis and moderate to severe interface hepatitis (x100, HE staining); (b) prominent interface hepatitis with numerous plasma cells (x400, HE staining); (c) typical rosetting of hepatocytes in the area of interface hepatitis (x400, HE staining); (d), (e), (f) interlobular bile duct loss without a significant ductular reaction (x200, HE staining, CK7 staining, and copper staining in sequence).
These cells showed mild nuclear pleomorphism and some cysts were observed, but no convincing ductular differentiation (Figure 1(e)).
Caption: Figure 6: (a-b) Hepatocyte diffuse and intense positivity (100x,200x); (c-d) TTF1, focal positivity (100x, 200x); (e-f) CK7 focal positivity (100x); (g-h) CK7 positivity in ductular structures (400x); (i-j) CK19 positivity in canalicular structures (100x, 200x); (k-l) [alpha]FP focal positivity (100x).
The histological analysis of liver tissue of these rats demonstrated absence of ductular reaction and subsequent periductular fibrosis.
Qian et al., "Peritumoral ductular reaction: a poor postoperative prognostic factor for hepatocellular carcinoma," BMC Cancer, vol.
Liver fibrosis induced by BDL has the deposition of connective tissue elements and formation of ductular followed by necrosis [24].
Ovariectomy induced an atrophy of mammary glands materialized in OVX-histological sections by a modest alveolar development, a small cluster of densely packed epithelial cells without luminal formation, the loss of the gland parenchyma (Tc), and the ductular and alveolar components, while adipocyte tissue (At) appears prominent.
Balabaud et al., "Nomenclature of the finer branches of the biliary tree: canals, ductules, and ductular reactions in human livers," Hepatology, vol.
Seventy-two cases (48.6%) belonged to the type 2 H- or ductular subtype, and 4 cases (2.7%) of trabecular subtype connected to the right hepatic duct.
Colour flow and Doppler features permit identification of vascular, ductular, and cystic structures.
A biopsy specimen taken 3 months later showed grade 3 hepatitis with bile ductular reaction, bridging hepatocytic necrosis and fibrosis, and regenerative nodule formation (Figure, panels C, D).
Initial pathophysiological changes in chronic pancreatitis induced by pancreatic ductular obstruction model.
a.- Tubal structures lined by rows of epthelial cells of contain colloid material in their lumina (thin arrow) and ductal structures in characteristic tadpole configuration (HE, x100); b.- Presence of many vacuolated cells in ductular portion of the tumor (thick arrow) (HE, X200).