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Synonyms for ductile

capable of being shaped, bent, or drawn out, as by hammering or pressure

Synonyms for ductile

easily influenced


capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out

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Neenah Foundry specializes in gray and ductile iron for heavy truck, agriculture and construction manufacturers and suppliers.
Investigation of the viscous and thermal effects on ductile fracture in sheet metal blanking process, Int J Adv Manuf Technol, 45: 459-469.
The mode of fracture in the ductile region is by ductile tearing, with tear lines visible at the fracture surface and the side walls being sucked in [11].
Ductile iron pipe is made by American Ductile Iron Pipe Div.
Ductile iron fittings shall have factory applied fusion bonded epoxy coating inside and out, in accordance with all applicable provisions of AWWA C-550 and ANSI/AWWA CI 16/A21.
The Europeans, for example, have more experience with ductile iron than Americans.
The speheroidal structure of the graphite in the ductile iron offers no comparable support.
PIPE: All pipe in this bid shall be ductile iron, used for potable water mains.
Even if you make the best ductile iron castings in the business, if you don't have anyone to sell them to, you won't be successful, said one presenter at the Best Practices of Ductile Iron Conference, held Sept.
What is believed to be the longest directionally drilled installation of large diameter ductile iron pipe was recently made near San Antonio, TX, where 1,020 feet of 30-inch American Flex-Ring, flexible restrained joint ductile iron pipe, was placed across several bodies of water.
More than 200 metalcasters attended the Keith Millis Symposium on Ductile Iron, held Oct.
The number of potable water system and sanitary sewer projects that include the installation of ductile iron pipe made by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is steadily increasing, say representatives of the ductile iron pipe industry.