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a pate made from duck liver

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Yield: 8 servings SMOKED DUCK PATE 1 stick butter, softened 1 cup shredded smoked duck breast 1/4 cup cognac or brandy 1 shallot, chopped Salt and black pepper to taste For garnish: fresh herbs and flowers Thin gourmet crackers In bowl of a food processor, place butter, duck, cognac or brandy, shallot, salt, and pepper.
Chestnut-Encrusted Duck Pate with Pomegranate Mustard (1 Terrine, Serves 12)
Also listed as appetizers or salads were escargot in a bread pudding, a duck pate, cod cakes, sweet pea risotto with mushrooms and prosciutto, Caprese salad and a mesclun salad.
The restaurant has other bistro favourites, such as coq au vin, roast farm chicken, duck pate, game terrine, cold meats, quiche and crE me brulee.
Their Sunday wedding was attended by 70 guests, who all tucked into a delicious meal of duck pate and sirloin steak.
Morrisons The Best Rannoch smoked duck pate, with Scottish raspberries, 170g, pounds 1.
Given the choice Pauline would start her meal with pate: "It would be a lovely homemade coarse duck pate with toast.
The Heritage Range, to be unveiled at the Speciality Fine Food Fair in London next month, will feature Highland Game pate with single malt whisky, Arbroath Smokie Terrine, Rannoch Smoked Duck pate with Scottish berries and Luxury Orkney Crab Terrine.
Across the table, Dan thought the duck pate was lovely, although I'm convinced the rotten sod only ordered it to remind me of the cottage pie.
Two of the three pate selections are duck, including a creamy duck mousse with truffles and a classic unadorned duck pate, cloaked in a white wine aspic.
Premier Cru Champagne, NV, claret, duck pate with orange, water biscuits, crunchy mustard, Roquefort mini crepes, mandarins in Cointreau, traditional Christmas pudding, brandy butter, chocolate chip and macadamia biscuits, luxury butter biscuits, gold bar.
Among the 400 party guests who grazed on duck pate, chicken and jumbo chocolate-dipped strawberries by Michael's of Santa Monica were actresses JoBeth Williams, Mary McDonell, Patricia Richardson and Lolita Davidovitch.
At the United Nations, guests will enjoy such menu items as Long-Island Sound Oysters with Wasabi Granita, Chilean Beef Empanadas, Pumpkin-Ricotta Gnocchi, and Hudson Valley Duck Pate with Spiced New York-Grown Apple Pear Compote.
In a series of inspections spanning eight months, Cardiff council's environmental health team found raw chicken stored alongside bread rolls, raw meat and fish stored with readyto-eat foods, inadequate disinfectant and cleaning facilities, filthy floors and walls covered in grease and food debris, out-ofdate meat and duck pate, dirty cutlery, cobwebs and a food-splattered microwave.