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Synonyms for dubious

Synonyms for dubious

Synonyms for dubious

fraught with uncertainty or doubt

open to doubt or suspicion

not convinced

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Agabin said that since the MICC was a mere policymaking body, it could only look into these dubious contracts and raise its findings later to implementing agencies, including the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
She was devoted and her talked into but was leaving Kevin "She was talked into having a holiday and was very dubious of leaving her children."
"The Dhingra commission will investigate how many licences have been issued by civic authorities or district administration to development of residential and commercial localities in these sectors and the villages which comes under the category of dubious transactions," said Haryana Agriculture Minister Om Prakash Dhankhar after attending the meeting.
Isn't David Cameron's plea to Scotland from a podium in the Olympic velodrome, by Sansom's definition, morally dubious nationalism?
Global Banking News-December 18, 2013--Clampdown on 'dubious' banks will continue, says Bank of Russia chief
NOT that I don't love being wry about betting on a weekly basis - but my dream job would have to be sitting on the Premier League's Dubious Goals Panel.
BP has secured a victory in its battle to limit compensation payouts for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill after a US court ordered tighter rules on dubious claims.
STEVE SIDWELL is fearing a complaint to the dubious goals panel over his latest strike - from his sixyear-old son.
Prior to the notice, the dubious deal done by EOBI with Defence Housing Authority.
STEVE DENNIS (July 18) reckons laying horses to lose is a "dubious, shady practice" that should be ended to eliminate any possibility of connected wrongdoing.
CAMERON Jerome was given an unexpected boost last week by the amusingly-named Dubious Goals Committee.
MARTIN O'NEILL fears the Premier League's mysterious Dubious Goals Committee has bashed the confidence of his England striker Gabby Agbonlahor.
Maintaining a space station at L1 would be a dubious proposition.
Cannon received MALDEF's "Excellence in Leadership Award" in June 2002--a profoundly dubious plaudit, given that the foundation-funded radical group openly seeks to subvert our immigration laws and undermine our national borders.