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having a median strip or island between lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions


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In addition we collected data for the variables of the type of impact, classifying them as: vehicle-vehicle, vehicle-object, rollover and others, which included skidding, leaving the road and tipping over; highway surface conditions: either wet or dry; year of vehicle manufacture, categorized in the ranges: 1984 or earlier, 1985-1989, 1990 1994, 1995-1999 and 2000 or later; and type of highway; single or dual-lane.
The top executive said further that through the transaction the company gains off-highway, heavy haul equipment, a dual-lane loader and transporter as well as a jack-and-slide system for unloading trailers and accessing difficult areas.
Dual-lane boarding is now available in Atlanta; Frankfurt, Germany; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Indianapolis; Phoenix; Boston; Las Vegas; Pittsburgh; Charlotte, N.
Ishida Europe has launched the world's first high performance split dual-lane tray packing system for fresh foods that enables food manufacturers to create bespoke packing lines for their specific requirements and achieve significant savings in labour, downtime and consumables.
This dual-lane processing scheme with 'crossover' sequencing effectively saves time off preheating, fluxing, and soldering sequences, waiting times that are unavoidable in linear incremental processing, and allows higher throughput and higher volume processing.
The North East has been left woefully short of investment in the right level of connectivity, not least the lack of a dual-lane A1 through Northumberland and the delays in getting a much-needed second Tyne Tunnel.
ISLAMABAD, May 15, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) would complete the dual-lane road from Margalla road to Bari Imam shrine by next month.
WaterWorks will also feature a four-deck-high, 303-foot-long enclosed corkscrew water slide along with twin dual-lane 80-foot-long racing slides and water spray apparatus such as squirting fountains, splash zones, and dump buckets.
About 1,000 feet of dual-lane left-turn lanes and a 500-foot right-turn bay also will be included with the new offramp, he said of the project that's expected to be completed by mid-October.
It comes standard with a flexible dual-lane conveyor and four 20-nozzle heads.
7 Transport: Transport Secretary Alistair Darling publishes M6: Giving Motorists a Choice, a consultation document on developing a tolled dual-lane expressway, as an alternative to widening the existing M6 by one lane each way.
Thompson Scale Company has introduced the Sonic 350 Dual-Lane Small Package Checkweighers.
The new toll road will be a 50 mile dual-lane expressway parallel to the existing motorway, running from north of Birmingham to south of Manchester.
The Sonic 350 Dual-Lane Small Package Checkweighers are designed to provide additional weighing options and increase productivity by utilizing a second parallel conveyor belt for weighing more packages.