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a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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Based on the scientific work to date, removing the problem drywall is the best solution currently available to homeowners.
Last month, the Miami Herald reported on a Punta Gorda couple who filed a claim with their insurer, the state government's own Citizens Property Insurance Corp., asking for damages to pay for the removal of their imported drywall and for the replacement of metal appliances that were corroded, apparently by the noxious fumes from the drywall.
It is estimated that from 2006 to the present, Chinese drywall has been utilized in as many as 250,000 homes across the nation, with the greatest concentration in Florida.
It's unlikely you will be able to strip the wallpaper without some damage to the drywall, but damage can be minimized by using a wallpaper scoring tool, such as the Paper Tiger, from a home center or wallpaper-supply store.
WL2000 Drywall and All Purpose Construction Adhesive provides a durable, permanent adhesion to drywall, hardboard, particleboard, gypsum wallboard, fiberglass, ceramics, tiles as well as trim.
To better accommodate the drywall division, the company will be renovating its 2,000-square-foot offices and reconfiguring its 20,000-square-foot warehouse, Madan said.
Some brands of paperless drywall panels can be installed and left unprotected from the elements for up to 6 months; therefore, contractors don't have to delay interior drywall installation until a building is dried in, and the risk of tear-out or callbacks to replace moisture-damaged panels is reduced.
A: Your description of the drywall problem is very accurate because what you are seeing is called "shadowing" by drywall professionals.
They did some of the tests after the wooden skeleton was built, and others after the sheets of drywall had been attached.
"However, data from facilities that utilize groundwater monitoring wells find that the impacts are less frequently seen from hazardous pollutants such as arsenic, and more frequently observed from common minerals that leach from basic construction materials such as drywall and wood." These include chlorides, sulfates, manganese, iron and ammonia.
Speaking to attendees of the C&D World Conference, University of Florida researcher Tim Townsend reviewed controversies that have surrounded treated scrap wood and gypsum drywall.
Included were several sculptures based on niches, perches, and pedestals, most of them mixing sturdy materials (drywall, plywood) with more ephemeral ones (glass, fishing line, Mylar).
(Orlando, Florida) and SCS Engineers (Long Beach, California), is exploring the recycling potential of drywall to reduce volume and odors in landfills.
In the second case, Yeagle Drywall Company, Inc., TC Memo 2001-284, John Yeagle owned 99% of Yeagle Drywall Company, Inc.