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Synonyms for dryly

in a dry laconic manner

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"I could tell," retorts Nixon dryly. This frostiness gradually melts as the President discovers that his jumpsuit-clad visitor empathises about the insidious influence of the media and shares his withering opinion of The Beatles.
It could even be read as a dryly self-deprecating acknowledgment--as befits writer-presenter Louis Theroux's very British demeanor --of its casual approach in the wake of Alex Gibney's searing Scientology Inquiry "Going Clear" earlier this year.
Each year, Drinks International, the dryly named magazine of the global liquor industry, selects its favorite bars around the world.
"Useless sub if it doesn't," retorts Peters dryly. As the vessel descends into the murky depths, fear and paranoia take a vice-like grip, causing crew members to turn against each other.
Froch responded dryly: "I better pick that right hand up then and get it by my chin."
Algirtani said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / : - What is experienced by areas of west of Baghdad, by intentioned flooding by opening gates of dams rivers by government forces , is clearly come in detriment of citizens lives as well as and in a counterpart impacts would have caused dryly other areas, which is a blatant evidence of malicious intention to frustrate people of these regions and prevent them of participate in the forthcoming election .
It is our time to controlTo collect and save the remains ofOur lost motherlandDo not let any soulSee your lonely groanMy heart has not complainedOr become limestoneHe is bleeding profuselyWithout thornAt the gateway of hope's vesselThe drums of life's battleNo True Triumph but trounce by shuffleThe folks are living with omen and raffleThe clash is too longNo light's duct can come into sightExcept the life's claws that prongIn oblong tranceWits can be dryly full-grownNo daylightComing to life's patch without dawn
It's very funny, written very dryly and is a sobering lesson to all us busy parents who sometimes get distracted!
ONE of Marie Colvin's colleagues once remarked, rather dryly, that if she wasn't already in a war zone when you arrived then she'd probably just left.
Having requested water during his Q&A session, Mr Steinberg, dryly, proffered: "Thanks to Frank for the water, which goes with the bacon buttie he bought me for breakfast - which went down a storm with me."
'It is not a place in which to get lost,' the author dryly notes, although if you were to do so, you could have worse guide books to hand.
McLeish said dryly: "The other guys who have left come back in for training the next day.
And thanks to Jimmy K, I'm not a big fat f*** whale," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling the audience dryly.
"It's about high schoolers, who sing and dance and blog," he reveals dryly. After disastrous previous encounters, Adam stumbles back into the life of medical student Emma (Natalie Portman), who once told him, "People aren't meant to be together".
And, for good or ill, this isn't a dryly ironic take on the excesses of 80s action flicks - what we have is very much the real thing.