drying oil

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an oil that hardens in air due to oxidation and is often used as a paint or varnish base

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As regards drying oils, they should be treated as "fresh" binding media because the drying process has not already been completed (according to previous studies, an oil paint can be regarded as aged only one year after its preparation [17, 19]).
The shape and position of the methylenic combination bands from the lipid component in egg yolk/whole egg are different with respect to those from drying oils, thus providing distinctive features for their recognition [6, 21].
The "linolenic"-rich linseed oil is a drying oil; whereas SFO, a "linoleic"-rich oil of lower iodine value (Table 4), is a semi drying oil with much inferior film-forming properties.
The polish remover combines acetone (92%) with natural drying oils including apricot seed, flax seed and parilla oils.
These are drying oils and will not turn rancid as wood finishes, while giving substantial moisture and soil resistance.
Thirty-four chapters address such topics as exterior durability, adhesion, polyester resins, drying oils, silicon derivatives, pigment dispersion, and powder coatings.
* Fast-drying oil -- Scientists are refining conjugated soybean oil to determine its potential as a fast-drying oil to replace more expensive, imported drying oils used in printing inks and surface coatings.
These were drying oils (unsaturated fats) that react with oxygen to form a film much like the skin that forms on paint.