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Sugar beets add an appley sweetness and complexity; the use of oak hearkens back to when the illicit spirit was hidden in drygoods barrels; there is no char to the oak and the spirit is clear.
Bardwil Linens included bamboo towels in its new Kitchen Drygoods collection, a line of basics in nine solid colors.
Unpackaged opened with a very limited product range--just 20 different drygoods and 15 householdlines--but now has more than 100 lines, including locally produced bread, cheese and cereals, as well as Fair-trade nuts, seeds and whole foods, and organic wine.
Grocery, hardware and drygoods are but a few examples of the types of merchandise sold by the company.
281 on the clothing and drygoods retailer Petley and Petley: "on the third floor are the workrooms, where the busy fingers of girls and men are kept busily employed all day long.
credit reports, this study reveals that Jews concentrated mainly in the retailing of jewellery and fancy goods, tobacco and drygoods and in clothing manufacturing.
Built in 1904, this former drygoods store still has stamped-tin panels on the ceiling and upper walls; it now houses an antique collective.