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With an efficiency of about 15 percent in converting sunlight into electricity, it would take quite an array of panels to run the cooling system for a five-story office building or a drygoods store.
Under the awnings, hauled during the night through mountain gorges and pine forests to this little town with its austere, gray piazza, is a bewildering display of hardware, drygoods, food, curiosities, and general junk.
As Manchester explains, direct commerce with Brazil was initially "subject to importation duties of twenty-four percent ad valorem on drygoods and double the current duty on certain provisions (generos molhados)." Duties on exports remained the same.
In 1964, presidential candidate Barry Goldwater belatedly acknowledged that he had Jewish grandparents, drygoods merchants named Goldwasser, but his campaign literature described him as the grandson of "Polish immigrants"--leading to Theodore Bikel's priceless riddle:
Bought corn 381/2cents, drygoods 65cents, hardware 48cents, groceries $1.00, and sugar 80cents." (23) On a trip to London in December of 1898, Glenn "sold chickens $2.40, eggs $1.83.
Farwell, one of Chicago's leading drygoods merchants, estimated that it cost him $17,000 a year to replace goods damaged by smoke.
Born in Maine, John Neal, after a scanty education, became a clerk, itinerant drawing teacher, and drygoods merchant.
For instance, Mulvaney, Toronto: Past and Present ..., 281 on the clothing and drygoods retailer Petley and Petley: "on the third floor are the workrooms, where the busy fingers of girls and men are kept busily employed all day long." According to the History of Toronto ..., 455 Petley and Petley employed 150 "hands" in the tailoring and millinery departments.
credit reports, this study reveals that Jews concentrated mainly in the retailing of jewellery and fancy goods, tobacco and drygoods and in clothing manufacturing.
Penney now harbors dinosaurs in place of drygoods. A half-dozen moving, growling creatures--products of Dinamation Corporation--re-create Mesozoic Colorado in a way likely to make even the best-prepared visitor leap.
Built in 1904, this former drygoods store still has stamped-tin panels on the ceiling and upper walls; it now houses an antique collective.