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the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water

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The Quick Dry-cleaning Software received a very positive response in the event.
The dry-cleaning side amounts to 25 % of turnover and 20% of profitability.
The researchers identified 46,768 dry-cleaning and laundry workers from the 1970 censuses in the four countries.
Some dry-cleaning customers in selected cities will get a bonus in their laundry bundles - a white T-shirt with that ``it's so juicy'' apple image on the front.
In addition, home dry-cleaning products are not formulated for use on velvet, leather, suede or fur.
Employees in dry-cleaning plants are at particular risk.
relaxx, owned locally by Jason Rattray, now offers environmentally friendly dry-cleaning services in its new, state-of-the-art dry-cleaning facility located at 1105 Morena Blvd.
Last year, the network got a lot of attention for its viral marketing of ``Lost'' - it planted bottles containing messages on beaches - and ``Desperate Housewives,'' which it plugged in part via dry-cleaning bags.
Mr Reed says: ``Many of us had to take dry-cleaning into town, which took up precious time not to mention the cost involved in parking.
For more information about these and other dry-cleaning offerings from Eco-Snow, contact us at 925-606-2000 or at info@ecosnow.
The chemical has been linked to nerve damage, reproductive difficulties, birth defects and higher rates of cancer in dry-cleaning workers.
DoveCorp is a leader in Canada's dry-cleaning and laundry industry, with the only ISO 9001 dry cleaning registration in the world.
Air pollution regulators, prodded by environmental lobbyists, will consider a ban next month on the most commonly used dry-cleaning chemical, calling it a step toward reducing a serious cancer threat in the air.
Charles Berling and Miou-Miou play Jean-Marie and Nicole Kunstler, a hard-working couple who've spent their lives together running a dry-cleaning business in a dull provincial town.
In North Hollywood, his father took a job in a dry-cleaning establishment and rented a one-bedroom apartment because it was all he could afford.