dry wall

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Synonyms for dry wall

a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

a stone wall made with stones fitted together without mortar

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The discussion then moved on to how using the most efficient construction techniques on hotels can add to the UAE's appeal as a tourist destination and the advantages of dry wall in the field of sustainability.
Some cleaning experts insist that all moldy dry wall be removed.
The Dry Wall Meaurement Saw will save its users time by simplifying an important step in the process of putting up drywall.
Paper-faced dry wall is the most common element of any post-50's building, and unfortunately, it makes a great home for mold," said Perry.
If one of those hoses break on the second floor, you're affecting electricity, the dry wall, carpet.
Now, as well as winning awards, Danny has been offered a placement at Downney, a dry wall lining company, who say they will consider employing him if the placement works well.
of Little Rock, $30,428; and Searcy Acoustical and Dry Wall Inc.
Originally, the architects had hoped that the upper floor would be one large luminous volume under the delicate steel roof trusses, but the staff council, as so often in Germany, voted for individual office spaces which are created with dry wall construction that rises to the tension chords of the trusses.
Installing, taping, spackling and sanding the dry wall in a 3,300 square foot house can take, on average, a couple weeks.
Use the spirit level to mark the position of the timber frame and simply drive home the dry wall screws, spacing them every six inches, making sure they connect with the frame behind the plasterboard.
Alumet System, which is based in Southam, was recognised for its innovative approach to the manufacture of dry wall beams for the construction industry Its Avon Dry Wall Beam is a modern day alternative to traditional construction methods and can reduce the build time for new walls by 40 per cent.
The new award recognises the company's Avon Dry Wall Beam, which provides an off-site fabricated inner skin for modern buildings and saves money by cutting construction time in half.
Delphi volunteers will be assisting in a variety of tasks, including hanging dry wall, performing rough carpentry, painting, landscaping and applying siding.
Computer equipment, furniture and shelves of plastic containers were melted in the room, the windows were blown out from the heat, and the walls and ceiling were reduced to a pile of charred dry wall.