dry wall

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a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

a stone wall made with stones fitted together without mortar

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The panel heard that dry wall is far lighter and needed to be much less dense than blockwork to achieve the same level of soundproofing.
The Dry Wall Meaurement Saw will save its users time by simplifying an important step in the process of putting up drywall.
"We realize that dry wall is cheaper, so if you can only afford the Pontiac, get the Pontiac," Ledwith said.
Employing 50 people, its Queen's Award for Enterprise was in recognition of its innovative approach to the manufacture of dry wall beams for the construction industry.
My business slogan ``Good fences make good neighbours'' comes from a poem about mending a stone wall, and of all the jobs I do over the course of the year, building a stretch of dry wall in early spring with the sun on my back makes me think I'm the luckiest bloke alive.
Searcy Acoustical and Dry Wall Inc., $35,851 and G&M Insulation Inc.
With inks for both porous and non-porous substrates, the printer provides high-quality, reliable printing on engineered wood products, dry wall, galvanized steel, corrugated cartons, shrink wrap, plastic and metal pipe.
The sides of this partition can now be sheeted with 1/2in plasterboard, fixed with 42mm dry wall screws.
Jean Tschumi's 1960 Nestle AG administration building of open planning, metal framed furniture, and an early form of dry wall partitioning, exemplifies the nation's obsession for correctness and cleanliness in the face of rising air pollution.
The brewery lost its wooden floor, dry wall and downstairs bar.
It's practically raw, with just cement floors and dry wall, nary a piece of molding or a mantel to be found.
Alumet System, which is based in Southam, was recognised for its innovative approach to the manufacture of dry wall beams for the construction industry Its Avon Dry Wall Beam is a modern day alternative to traditional construction methods and can reduce the build time for new walls by 40 per cent.
A spokesman said: "The business will continue to fabricate steelwork, building products, Alucobond panels and garage doors, as well as assisting Alumet Systems with their revolutionary Avon Dry Wall Beam, which received the Queen's Award for Enterprise in this year's Birthday Honours List."
Since temperatures, airborne spores, and moisture are facts of life, the only controllable variable is the food source--primarily paper-faced dry wall.
Forsyth, owner of Forsyth Research & Development Center in Austin, sold Faith Mitchell of Sheridan $25,000 worth of stock in 1997 for products he invented, a surgical drill and dry wall screw gun, according to an Arkansas Securities Department lawsuit filed in 1999 in Pulaski County Chancery Court.