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dry pale amber variety

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Fill a shaker with ice to the top; squeeze in five lemon twists; use Absolut vodka and "a little extra" dry vermouth.
STIRRED, NOT SHAKEN --1 1/2 oz Square One Vodka --3/4 oz dry vermouth --Lemon twist Stir vodka and vermouth in a mixing glass.
A traditional Martini is made with gin and dry vermouth with either an olive or a lemon peel garnish.
It will be available in the off-trade through leading retailers such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges priced at 20 [pounds sterling] for a 70cl bottle, accompanied by a recipe card to promote a new cocktail called Le Grand Style, which combines Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge with cranberry, raspberry and strawberry juice, plus dry vermouth.
Cosmopolitan: 30ml Noblesse Cranberry vodka 30ml Triple sec 30ml Cranberry juice juice of half a lime shake and strain into a martini glass White Lady 35ml Noblesse Elderflower gin 25ml Triple Sec 25ml Lemon juice egg white shake and strain into a martini glass Noblesse Vesper Gibson 60m; Noblesse Citrus vodka 20ml Noblesse Lime gin 10ml Dry Vermouth Cocktail onion stir first three ingredients and strain into a martini glass
Place two drops of Extra Dry Vermouth in a frozen cocktail glass and pour frozen gin or vodka over the vermouth.
I add 1/2 cups of bourbon or dry vermouth to sauces and Kailua or brandies to desserts.
Dry Martini 1 bottle London dry gin 1 cap dry Vermouth Twist lime ShakeChampagne Cocktail
Be ready to serve up a classic Martini--stir 2 ounces of gin or vodka over ice, add a dash of dry vermouth, strain into a martini glass and add a green olive.
A dry vermouth, mustard and olive juice marinade gives steak the "spirit" of the classic cocktail - complete with onion and olive garnishes for the kabobs.
Widdecombe's cocktail, Proven Perfect, uses oolong tea-infused ruby port, which acts as a traditional Manhattan's sweet vermouth, and cardamom-infused orange liqueur to replace the typical dry vermouth.
The cocktails include William's Apple Martini, a heady mix of Chase William's Apple Gin and Noilly Pratt dry vermouth, Princess' Pride, a sweet mix of Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka, fresh raspberries and sugar syrup and the blackberry-infused Daddy Royale - simply Creme de Cassis topped with prosecco.
Guests can select from innovative libations like the Lobbyist (Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka, Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth and Fee Bros.
drained Cerignola or other green olives, 1 cup gin or vodka, and a splash of dry vermouth.