dry season

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one of the two seasons in tropical climates

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People frequently blame the dry season for the wildfires in the Amazon, but that is not quite accurate, he said.
'The electricity shortage problem during the last dry season occurred due to drought and a dramatic increase in electricity demand,' he said.
During the dry season in early spring from February to April, the upstream part of the reservoir is dried out and its bottom is exposed, giving access to the gorge, which is formed by the erosion of a stream that has cut through the rocky mountain rift over millions of years.
The big milk companies will profit but the Kenyan dairy farmers will not benefit because their production declines in the dry season.
In the study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, the team found an unexpected connection between winter (dry season) rainfall amounts in northeast India and climatic conditions in the Pacific Ocean.
"Counterintuitively, air and water circulation in caves can cause, and even favor, stalagmite growth in the dry season, leading to unexpected effects in paleoclimate records," said Elli Ronay, one of the lead researchers.
The onset of the dry season came earlier than last year, as it was declared on April 10.
'Production cost of palay was higher during the wet season at P50,511 per hectare and lower during the dry season at P48,784 per hectare,' the PSA said.
Overall, a total of 106 circular observation plots (71 for dry season and 35 for wet season) were established and assessed.
Reference [20] demonstrated that the levels of total phosphorus in Batang Ai Reservoir during the rainy season and high water levels were lower than those observed during the dry season and low water levels.
There are two different seasons in Senegal: a dry season (from October to June) and a rainy season (from July to September).
This cut recommendation provided, during the year in which the experiment was conducted (2011), two samplings during the rainy season (September through March--1701mm) and one sampling during the dry season (April through August--113mm).
Benthic macroinvertebrates and water quality variables were conducted in two seasons, one in the cold dry season (December 2014) and one in the hot dry season (April 2015).