dry rot

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a crumbling and drying of timber or bulbs or potatoes or fruit caused by a fungus

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a fungus causing dry rot

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"He will sit down to indicate when he has detected something which can be as small as a pinhead and 98% of the time dry rot is con-firmed.
"Dry rot can represent a serious blight to any property.
Another problem with dry rot is that the spores travel fast, so the whole structure of a building - both the walls and timbers - can be infected in a relatively short space of time.
As a consequence, we have had no choice but to cancel the last few performances of the Dry Rot tour."
This consists of a survey and an energy report both prepared by a chartered surveyor and a property questionnaire which includes questions as to whether specialist works such as dry rot treatment have been carried out and whether there are guarantees.
Once the new roofs have been put on to prevent further rainwater ingress, Peter Cox will be completing additional dry rot treatments to prevent further spread and attack within the area affected.
Edith is finding her irritating sister Joan very difficult to accommodate, and Roger, impatient to see Phil sell his house, decides to help the process along by checking his roof for dry rot. Wendy drops in on Edith and mentions that she is planning a children's book, and despite not yet knowing what the plotline will be, thinks it may involve a complicated family.
A local church and a golf club were facing a cash crisis - caused by outbreaks of dry rot.
"Over time, the leak infected the original 1900s woodwork and created dry rot in the cinema space," he said.
We replaced like for like on interiors that were ruined due to dry rot.
When we bought our home, the termite inspector found dry rot on the eaves, and the seller had to pay hundreds of dollars to replace the damaged boards.
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