dry point

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a print produced by dry point engraving

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a steel needle for engraving without acid on a bare copper plate

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The cavers reached the dry point and at around 6.15am yesterday called the surface from an emergency phone at that point.
Intaglio (etching, engraving, dry point) had a long history as a fine art, but the planographic methods (lithography and silkscreen) had been appropriated by the commercial press.
She had a successful association in the Duke Of Devonshire's straw colours with Dry Point and also managed to tame Mick Naughton's tearaway Quip into settling well enough to win three races.
This extraordinary story is illustrated with stylized prints in dry point and etchings on sepia backgrounds.
6 'Old English Glosses, Mostly Dry Point', JECP, lx (1961), 441-50, at 447-8.
Creating an acetate engraving approximates the processes of dry point and etching without requiring expensive metal plates and the use of acids.
James Toller Horses Dry Point. Now 24 and still carrying me round the Heath.