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a former photographic method that used a glass plate coated with a light-sensitive gelatinous emulsion

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After a number of the dry plates he had made and sold to dealers went bad, Eastman recalled and replaced them at his own expense, almost sending his fledgling company into ruin.
During its latest trip to Java in October and November this year, the team was allowed by the Jakarta authorities to see a large volume of photographs and dry plates, including about 500 pictures of the temple taken by Dutch photographers in around 1920.
Attempts by others to prepare dry plates had resulted in expensive pictures of marginal quality.
FAST, introduced several years ago, produces dry plates that are ready for use immediately after processing, unlike conventional solvent or water wash plates that require long drying time.
The Transfluid oil-actuated PTOs feature a self-adjusting, oil-actuated clutch with dry plates of compact and heavy-duty design with high torque capabilities.
Its gun trigger acts as the shutter trigger and it takes 10 negatives on 2 x 2cm glass dry plates held in metal sheaths.
Not until dry plates came into use [in the 1880s] was celestial photography actively resumed at Harvard.
Before long, dry plates took on all the hallmarks of a commodity business.
This made possible the use of dry plates, which greatly increased the ease with which photographs could be taken.