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a former photographic method that used a glass plate coated with a light-sensitive gelatinous emulsion

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Before the advent of the gelatin dry plate in 1880, which allowed photographers to return to the studio to process their work, images were exposed on fragile, 8 x 10 glass plates that had to be processed in the field.
The first step would be to replace the wet plate process, which required preparation at the time of taking the picture, with a dry plate process that could he prepared in advance.
Holscher explains: "By combining a newly developed ceramic material with specially matched friction facings, we were not only able to retain the relatively simple, well tested twin dry plate clutch design, but also develop a component with a performance potential that is by no means exhausted in this application." The double-plate dry clutch disc is just 6.7-inches in diameter and plays a key role in enabling the engine and gearbox to be located very low in the car.
With a practical understanding of photochemistry, a little business experience, and the financial backing of a successful local businessman, Eastman started a dry plate supply company in 1878.
Three different cases are recognized as critical conditions; wetting of the previously dry plate during the facility start-up, break-up of the continuous liquid film and rewetting of plate after a short stop.
Swan made several breakthroughs in photography, including bromide photographic paper and the dry plate which marked the beginning of picture-taking as a popular hobby.
Sampson expresses this handmade, artisanal photographic interest in her formulation of large format gelatin glass dry plates, a historic photographic process learned at George Eastman Museum, which she exposes in the field and develops in her darkroom at home.
IT WAS at a time when photography was in its nascent stages in the 19th century and wet plates were being introduced instead of the usual dry plates, that the country saw the rise of Lala Deen Dayal ( 1844 -- 1905) as the pioneer of Indian photography.
At the end we remove the cloth cover from the deep metal bowl and put the distilled water in a sealed bottle."She pointed out that the dry petals were used as a fragrance by rural women who used to put the dry plates of petals inside washed clothes before wearing them in addition to using roses for producing different types of desserts.Director of Idleb Agriculture Department Dr.
A team of Japanese scholars working with Indonesians on the restoration of the remains of a Hindu temple in Java damaged by a massive earthquake last year has been allowed rare access to old photographs and photographic dry plates that could prove very useful to its future work.
The Transfluid oil-actuated PTOs feature a self-adjusting, oil-actuated clutch with dry plates of compact and heavy-duty design with high torque capabilities.
Not until dry plates came into use [in the 1880s] was celestial photography actively resumed at Harvard."
This made possible the use of dry plates, which greatly increased the ease with which photographs could be taken.
One bit map for each of the four process colors creates one positive image for each of four dry plates. Located where the dampener would be, imaging heads have 16 electrodes that fire sparks at the plate to produce tiny wells at a resolution of 1,016 picture elements per inch.