dry land

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Sir,' returned Stephen, with the quiet confidence of absolute certainty, 'if yo was t' tak a hundred Slackbridges - aw as there is, and aw the number ten times towd - an' was t' sew 'em up in separate sacks, an' sink 'em in the deepest ocean as were made ere ever dry land coom to be, yo'd leave the muddle just wheer 'tis.
Because they look the same today as they did 300 million years ago, coelacanths are a surviving record of a critical period when fish prepared to crawl out of the water onto dry land.
Desert-evolved Judeo-Christian tradition, so rich in allusion to sand, camels, and stony wastes, asserts that as soon as God caused dry land to appear, He (or, surely more appropriately, She) brought forth ".
When asked how he will train for a winter sport in Santa Barbara, Soule replied, "I know there is no ice in Santa Barbara, but as part of my sprint workout I've designed and built push devices that allow me to simulate a skeleton push on dry land.
I can only hope the wedding reception will be on dry land FIONA ROONEY DUBLIN YESTERDAY
The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the Global Dry Land Alliance (GDLA) will hold an Experts Group Meeting at the IDB Headquarters in Jeddah during 18-20 February to address the challenges facing dry land countries.
For the millions of farmers in dry land countries facing the daily stress of ensuring enough water supplies for their crops, the future does not look bright.
Summary: Flood victims in a northern Colombian town have been forced to move to the only dry land they could find - the local cemetery.
She was found on dry land by police as the boats prepared to launch.
In a fire-proof suit, he strapped himself to the four-engined device filled with 30 litres of fuel and flew at 125mph at more than 8000ft, before parachuting to dry land 22 miles later.
Some 13 hours and 29 minutes later Steve and team mates Tony Hanlon, aged 36, of Nuneaton, Stephen Dunn, aged 37, of Nuneaton, Corinne Thorpe, aged 31, of Leamington, and Colin Henshaw, aged 42, of Hinckley, set foot on dry land again at Cap Gris Nez near Calais at 6.
Our picture shows the barge back on dry land after making her spectacular debut on the Tyne.
Most people have some hazy knowledge that a bridge of dry land once connected Alaska with Siberia across the Bering Strait, and that great woolly mammoths made their way across it to the American continent.
Local residents planted those trees, which grow on dry land, after experiencing a destructive cyclone 2 decades ago, Danielsen says.
And on dry land, young and old enjoyed Norman Sayer's Fairground, craft and food stalls, street entertainment and live music.