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a female baton twirler who accompanies a marching band


a female drum major

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That fun got off to a flamboyant start when drum majorettes led the children through the village and they sat down to a feast of sandwiches, crisps, cakes and orange squash on tables running the length of the street.
A specially warm welcome was reserved at the Goulette Port to the First Lady by women and youth formations and brass bands and drum majorettes which inspired a festive dimension to this event.
The ceremony included animation sessions, patriotic songs and shows featured by brass bands and drum majorettes in a festive and enthusiastic atmosphere.
After the ceremonial benediction, spoken by a leading Jewish rabbi, since representatives of Protestant, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths will have already taken part, comes the parade, a noisy, uninhibited show which includes everything from strutting, skimpy-skirted drum majorettes to huge flower-decked floats representing the industries and activities of the 50 states of the union.
46750824 Majorettes in the park | Stepping out in style were |these young pom pom girls from Outlane Drum Majorettes, who were among winners in the Kirklees Championship.
ON PARADE: Kirsty Bailey, left, Charlotte Binns, centre, and Rebecca Dack of the Colne Valley Eagles Drum Majorettes in Greenhead Park (tmc190813majorettes)
That group - founded as Outlane Drum Majorettes and winding up as Outlane Marching Ambassadors - spent its glory years performing to great acclaim at national and international festivals.
Other entertainment came from Grimethorpe Drum Majorettes and Col Custard children's entertainer.