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the system of religion and philosophy taught by the Druids and their rites and ceremonies

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In continuity with these works, Toland also fostered the rebirth of Druidism.
Critique: Impressively succinct, informed and informative, "Celtic Mythology: The Nature and Influence of Celtic Myth from Druidism to Arthurian Legend" is very instructive and highly recommended reading for students of Metaphysical Studies, as well as the non-specialist general reader with an interest in Celtic history, mythology, spirituality, and culture.
As is stated on the ADF Website, "The primary differences between Druidism and Wicca are these: Druidism is polytheistic, large-group oriented, and public.
Cornwall Council's initiative follows the 2010 decision by the Charity Commission to recognise druidism as a religion.
Kristoffer Hughes, 40, of Bodorgan, Anglesey quit Bible school to discover Druidism because he felt Christianity had "nothing original to offer".
Traces of Druidism and nature worship are probably still there.
But who can fail to detect some strange doings in England, with its recent decision to consider druidism an official religion?
Ironically, Druidism has no historic connection to Stonehenge at all--these huge stones were erected between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago, hundreds of years before the first Druid felt a compulsion to bow down before the sun.
Thereafter treatment switches to diffusionism, ley-hunting and druidism.
The Kansas City Witches Meetup, which has 540 members, welcomes users to a group "where you can meet, learn, teach, and socialize with other local people who are interested in Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidism, and other Pagan paths in our town.
I attended Quaker services for three years along the way and have wandered through Druidism.
Among antiquarians Druidism was a widely discussed and hotly debated subject in the eighteenth century.
Victorians identified the ancient Britons with the Lost Tribes of Israel, and druidism with the Baal worship of the Old Testament.
Druidism, Pagan, Occult, Satanism, Scientology and the Free Church of Love.
As humans seem wired to continually push the envelope, this has led to an expanded participation in New Age practices and from there to the old pagan religions of Druidism and Wicca, culminating at the extreme in Satanism.