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a rug made of a coarse fabric having a cotton warp and a wool filling

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He tore the drugget from the floor, and in an instant was down on his hands and knees clawing at each of the squares of wood beneath it.
The wooden lid was replaced, and the drugget had only just been drawn straight when Lestrade's voice was heard in the passage.
No doubt you thought that your breach of duty could never be discovered, and yet a mere glance at that drugget was enough to convince me that someone had been admitted to the room.
Lucas quickly turned back the drugget, thrust the document into some hiding-place there, and covered it over.
What captured my interest is that they wore these distinctive costumes, including a large hat to shade the face from the sun - it was important for women to keep their faces pale - stripy skirts from a local material called drugget, worn one on top of each other, and a shawl.
The walls were pink and gold; the pattern on the carpet represented bunches of flowers on a light ground, but it was carefully covered up in the centre by a linen drugget, glazed and colourless.
91) 1673 Thou thyself instead of coarse drugget shalt wear sympathetick silk.
But Brittas has more to worry about than worker participation when Councillor Drugget pops in with some news.
Then Councillor Drugget arrives to tell Gordon that he has been chosen for early retirement.
Voysey; Donegal and Dun Emer rugs of Ireland; rag rugs; Scotch rugs; Druggets of India; Navajo, Crex grass, and Abnakee rugs.
handmade woollen tufted, handmade silk, handmade staple/synthetic, cotton, rugs, druggets, and durries during the year 2007-08 was US 875.