drug company

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a company that makes and sells pharmaceuticals

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And finally, she pushes to strengthen the FDA's independence by ending drug company contributions to the agency's budget.
A decade earlier, he recalls, people reacted with sympathy when he told them he worked for a drug company.
Says Chou, "There is a severe need for people to work outside the system right now to combat drug company price increases.
Barzoukas' firm represents Merck & Company, the country's second-largest drug company in terms of sales.
Some of these products may make it to market as early as 2004, say drug company spokespersons.
Ltd has received a permit from the Fujian Provincial Hygiene Bureau, certifying that the company has satisfied all the criteria under China's stringent new drug company legislation.
Merck, the world's largest drug company, hired baseball star Cal Ripkin to promote the company's Prinivil hypertension drug in ads that appear in medical magazines.
WASHINGTON -- Following ongoing advocacy campaigns spearheaded by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) that targeted several of the largest AIDS drug companies over their pricing and rebate policies for the nation's AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs), the federally funded, state run programs that supply lifesaving AIDS drugs to low-income Americans in need, AHF is pleased to report that yet another drug company: ViiV Healthcare, a new drug company formed in a partnership between GSK and Pfizer, has announced an agreement that will provide additional cost savings to cash-strapped ADAPs nationwide.
Sometime in the late '80s, the CEO of the drug company Glaxo-SmithKline realized he had a problem.
As the same time, the groups have also issued a call to all Canadians to boycott Abbott Laboratories' products wherever it is medically feasible until the drug company rescinds a 400 per cent price increase on Norvir or Ritonavir, which is an important HIV/AIDS drug.
First, not every drug company is interested in, or can afford, engaging in the give-away of expanded access programs.
The speech crystallized sentiment in favor of providing treatment in impoverished nations, leading to a variety of proposals, from drug company price cuts to U.
Then once the drug was sold, taxes were taken from them again when the drug company "paid" corporate income tax, since corporations ultimately pass these taxes through to the consumer.
I just don't see why we as a people tolerate a system where drug company profits are placed ahead of suffering people in developing countries," says Peter Lurie, deputy director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group.
Drug company executives said that Clinton, in his zeal to protect children, was exceeding his authority under federal law.