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a person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs


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It is paradoxical for a drug baron to enjoy full-time security provided by government policemen who do it in triplet-shifts.
But the question still remains, 'who will bell the cat.'If the current and future generations are to be protected from drug addiction then across-the-board strict and sustained action has to be taken against drug barons and peddlers.
'Today we need to tell the nation that the 'union of thieves' [opposition parties] is out to help save drug barons. Why the opposition did not raise their voice over those 1200 Pakistanis arrested by ANF in drugs charges this year.
He said that the government would launch crackdown against drug barons while any official found complicit or compromised would also be taken to task to make a good example out of them.
The drug barons, according to findings by the NDLEA have a willing tool in a syndicate which spreads across aviation agencies, airlines, uniform personnel including other airport users such as cleaners who they regularly entice with cash to help them carry out their wicked act of planting drugs in the baggage of unsuspecting passengers.
Addressing a passing out ceremony of 17th batch of lower course and 32nd batch of basic recruit course here at Police Line, he elaborated that ongoing campaign against drug barons, land grabbing mafia and hardcore criminals shall continue till meeting its logical end.
We are losing the war on drugs and the drug barons are winning.
Mexican authorities are offering a reward equivalent to Dh12 million for information leading to the recapture of drug baron Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who escaped from a high-security jail near Mexico City on Saturday night.
While the focus appears to be on catching drug users, there appears to be a total indifference towards netting in drug barons who import and distribute drugs and ruin the lives of hundreds of youth and their families.
Most of those murdered were narcocorridos, who sing songs celebrating the lives of drug barons.
A committee of MPs want to set up a Royal Commission to draw up changes to the drugs laws as MPs have concluded that prison sentences are failing to deter drug barons.
Law chiefs want to target the drug barons instead of the couriers who risk their lives often without realising the danger they put themselves in.
Land grabbers and drug barons wanted to disrupt the peace of Karachi by fuelling sectarianism and undermining political harmony, he added.
The drugs were recovered in a neighbourhood operation that targeted the homes of suspected drug barons across Tyneside.
A HENCHMAN of one of Scotland's top drug barons yesterday agreed to hand over pounds 50,000 of his ill-gotten gains.