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Synonyms for drug addict

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Out of the total number of women drug addicts it interviewed, 53 per cent happened to be college or university graduates while 17 per cent were matriculate, middle or primary pass.
Giving details, official sources on Monday said around 700 drug addicts provided treatment during first nine months of year 2017.
He said: "The UAE has adopted many national programmes to prevent from drugs, which led to decreasing the rate of drug addicts for the first time by 7T in 2014, and by 8% in 2015.
They said the practice of jailing drug addicts can ruin lives, as well as rip families apart and irreparably damage a person's reputation.
It starts when a drug addict forms a large base of contacts with other fellow drug addicts, having met in a rehab centre, for example.
The 3rd Circuit upheld the decision on March 29, saying that although the ADA does protect drug addicts, the hospital did not violate the act when it terminated Reilly for lying on his application.
In the last two years, I have had upwards of 30 mothers referred tome who are drug addicts and whose babies are also born as drug addicts.
Goth girls, overweight former drug addicts, and Elvis fans are not the kinds of people one would associate with a Bible camp.
Her mother had not realized that the father was a drug addict with HIV infection.
His sexual explicitness (he was an avowed and outspoken homosexual) and the frankness with which he dealt with his own experiences as a drug addict won him a following among writers of the Beat Movement.
According to details, drug addict named Abdul Raheem held his family members hostage in the jurisdiction of Morgah Police Station after they stopped him from committing suicide.
They surrender themselves to the ' friends' or peddlers who exploit them sexually," said Jasbir Singh, a former drug addict who is now a family counsellor in Amritsar.
Currently there are about 41,000 drug addict patients at rehab centres across the country with 4 per cent of those female.
A drug addict that is trying to recover, Lt Col Al Shamsi said, needs to be isolated from society for some time, until the drug withdrawal symptoms are gone.
In another incident, a 30-year-old drug addict died near Bashir Chowk in New Karachi.
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