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Synonyms for drug addict

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In Sindh, the prisoners who are drug addicts have been separated from the common prisoners while the addicts and patients of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and, other diseases are being diagnosed through screening through private labs.
Confirming the completion of the project on Tuesday, Lamu Red Cross Society Branch Coordinator Kauthar Alwy Mohamed said the facility is generally meant to help drug addicts in the region recover and embark on more meaningful and productive lives.The Hindi Rehab Centre has the capacity to hold up to 100 drug addicts at ago, both men and women.
Furthermore, whoever hires employees proved to be drug addicts or allows them to continue working, will be jailed or fined.
Professionally qualified staff would be arranged to take care of the ice drug addicts. The qualified staff could include doctors, nurse, lab technicians, pharmacists and physiologists.
He said: "The UAE has adopted many national programmes to prevent from drugs, which led to decreasing the rate of drug addicts for the first time by 7T in 2014, and by 8% in 2015.
The 3rd Circuit upheld the decision on March 29, saying that although the ADA does protect drug addicts, the hospital did not violate the act when it terminated Reilly for lying on his application.
My social worker was great, so clearly not all drug addicts and social workers are the same.
HOW appalled and disgusted I was to read once again that our Goverment will be helping out drug addicts by giving them shopping vouchers to the tune of pounds 5 million.
Goth girls, overweight former drug addicts, and Elvis fans are not the kinds of people one would associate with a Bible camp.
Her mother had not realized that the father was a drug addict with HIV infection.
In response to press reports of abuses of the program - convicts getting on SSI in prison, unscrupulous translators coaching immigrants to fake disability, children encouraged by their parents to act crazy to climb aboard the gravy train - and testimony from people like Cote, Congress last year passed a reform bill imposing a 36-month limit on getting SSI cash just for being a drunk or drug addict. The bill also toughened, on paper, fraud controls and requires, again on paper, more reviews of past claimants to make sure they still belong on the rolls.
His sexual explicitness (he was an avowed and outspoken homosexual) and the frankness with which he dealt with his own experiences as a drug addict won him a following among writers of the Beat Movement.
Colonel Abdullah Al Khayat, director of Hemaya International Centre, said they communicated with families of 529 addicts in the last three years to guide them how to deal with a drug addict, as well as provide support for the families.
In Quetta, the a 45-bedded Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre was established at Chaman Housing Scheme, Airport Road and has been working since 2005 with capacity to provide free of cost medical treatment and rehabilitation to 360 drug addict per year.