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Synonyms for drug

knock out



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Synonyms for drug

a substance used in the treatment of disease

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

to administer or add a drug to

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Synonyms for drug

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The fact that good matches occur only in a small subset for each drug--and that bad matches occur as well--means that clinical trials wash out the contrast between the drug and placebo groups.
Synanon, the Northern California--based drug rehab organization, forced men to get vasectomies and pregnant women to have abortions if they wanted to remain part of the group--and told them they would return to their addictions and die in the streets if they left.
The draft guidance outlines the risk assessment procedure for new active pharmaceutical substances, their metabolites, and possibly excipients (the inert substances in which a drug is delivered) if they are deemed similar to chemicals with known adverse environmental effects.
The FDA originally rejected BiDil, when it was submitted for approval in 1997 as a generic drug for treatment of heart failure, citing there was no conclusive evidence showing it was effective.
Despite its excellent history, I found Generation Rx ultimately frustrating largely because the book lapses into an insufferable flippancy in the final third that undermines the author's cultural critique of drug marketing's effect on our perception of disease.
Understanding the neurological causes of overeating and drug addiction, say the researchers, could lead to new treatments for both conditions.
Myth 1: Drug abuse is harmful, but it does relieve stress.
ITEM: The Oregonian for November 28 called for Congress to authorize Medicare "to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower medicine prices." Drug companies, editorialized the paper, "toss out several unconvincing arguments against allowing Medicare to negotiate with them.
A 2004 online survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the California HealthCare Foundation revealed that consumer reactions to increasing drug costs should also be a major concern for plan sponsors.
Some changes in the brain and in functioning may be reversible when drug use stops, but other changes appear to be either permanent or very long-lasting, leading to persistent deficits in memory and motor coordination (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2001; Tapert & Schweinsburg, 2005).
A March survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 84 percent of the 454 employers contacted said they conduct pre-employment drug testing; 39 percent do random drug testing.
tuberculosis strains isolated, underwent antimicrobial drug susceptibility testing in the system.
The proposed changes are based on recommendations from the Drug System Secretariat, which reviewed and consulted widely and found that Ontario was not getting good value for the money it spends on prescription drugs.
Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse is on the rise.