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Synonyms for drudgery

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Synonyms for drudgery

physical exertion that is usually difficult and exhausting

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Synonyms for drudgery

hard monotonous routine work

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"There are times when drudgery may be the best word applied to repetition," he said, "but it will be worth it if it works for us.
Live football BT Sport 1, 7.45pm THE FA Cup first round continues with Hampton hosting Oldham in a tie that should be a nice distraction from the drudgery of the league for both clubs, writes James Milton.
Mechanisation will reduce the drudgery associated with traditional farming methods and attract the youth towards agriculture.
Life is full of the usual prison drudgery until the world of this tiny little shack is upturned when the prisoners begin to suspect that someone among them is a German spy.
It is not only beautiful to look at, it hides some awesome technology behind its pretty facie, technology that has taken the drudgery out of the wash day, and replaced it with sheer convenience, ease of operation and a lot of fun.
AWAY from the drudgery of the games against Slovenia and Lithuania, there was a truly eyecatching England performance in the last week.
Despite the botched handover from Sir Alex Ferguson to David Moyes and the drudgery under Louis van Gaal, United have won more trophies in the last 13 months than Spurs have in 25 years - while Liverpool have hoisted one trophy in the last decade.
'Sunday Beauty Queen' refers to the one day in the week when Hong Kong's domestic workers are allowed time off, but which, for the women covered by the documentary, is the one day in the week when they can 'really live.' After a week's drudgery and confinement in their employers' stifling flats, the women break out of the drudgery of their working lives and transform into peacocks, prancing about onstage in their glittering gowns and outlandish costumes, competing for sashes and dinky trophies in any number of beauty pageants for the Pinay DH community.
"An awful lot of them expect adventure but what they get is drudgery, often domestic drudgery."
For God's sake, the poor boy's got a life of duty and drudgery ahead of him with no escape.
CORONATION STREET (7.30pm ITV) WHEN Katy fell for Ryan, one of the big attractions was that he represented a break from the drudgery of motherhood.
FireFly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste is said to break new ground in the toothpaste category with a novel format that takes the drudgery and mess out of brushing.
Vinod (Fordham U., US) combines his enthusiasm for matrix algebra and for computer software to get the drudgery out of the way.
New FireFly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste is said to help take the drudgery and mess out of brushing.
Whale Adventures with Nigel Marven (Five, Tuesday, 8pm) | Nigel Marven has none of the drudgery of a nine-to-five office job.