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Synonyms for drowsily

in a drowsy manner


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Silence followed: and I leaned back drowsily in my easy-chair, filled with bright and beautiful imaginings of Arthur and his lady-love, and of all the peace and happiness in store for them.
He thought drowsily of her thin face, with its delicate features, and the greenish pallor of her skin.
The gray-haired valet was sitting drowsily listening to the snoring of the prince, who was in his large study.
She aroused, smiled drowsily, and was off to sleep again; and asleep I left her, under a heavy pair of sailor's blankets, her head resting on a pillow I had appropriated from Wolf Larsen's bunk.
'Turn them away,' said the woman, drowsily; 'make haste!
"Yes, yes, Richard," he answered, drowsily, "I suppose I must go.
They had not been long alone again, when Sir Joseph drowsily opened his eyes and asked what they were doing in his room.
"It's the strangest house any one ever lived in," said Mary drowsily, as she dropped her head on the cushioned seat of the armchair near her.
As I lay in bed, wondering drowsily what animal could be making those sounds, a notion popped into my head: fox!
He drowsily put his hand under his pillow and got out the keys and handed it over to the owner of the voice that demanded it.
Lying on the beach in her red bikini, Marianne gazed drowsily at the blue sky, enjoying the heat of the sun.
She lay back on the warmed limestone and let the memory of light spangling on water play drowsily in her mind.
When I entered the house, Julia welcomed me and drowsily pointed up to the roof, asking if the houses on top of the hill were experiencing the same gusting wind.
Fatigued factory workers and their families slumbered somniferously in bunk beds, drowsily dreaming of impending Hogmanay and New Year's Day celebrations.