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Synonyms for dross

Synonyms for dross

worthless or dangerous material that should be removed

the scum formed by oxidation at the surface of molten metals


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Dost thou desire nothing brighter than gold that thou wouldst transmute all this ethereal lustre into such dross as thou wallowest in already?
Your heart will tell you what's great poetry, For those who write it, say it true, So don't be fooled by web-based fraudster, For only dross the cliquish spew.
New Zealand company Taha Asia Pacific had a contract with New Zealand Aluminium Smelters to take dross syphoned off from the main smelting operation.
Aluminium dross is one type of the industrial wastes which are generated in a recycle of an aluminium recycle process.
It also stops dross build-up, making cleaning easier.
Solder dross (lead and leadfree) is another example of material that may be recycled, given its characteristics and metal content.
Applying this idea will contribute in reducing the cost of concrete, time needed for it to be cured, pollution caused by cement production and the pollution that results from throwing the dross into the landfill," Omar said.
Ole Dross from Germany is in charge of developing the huge market of Asia since July 2014, to spread Exotic Voyages' name in the biggest continent of the world.
A SOLDER WHISKER or a dross short is surface contamination found after soldering due either to a poorly maintained solder bath or incorrect setting of a wave.
Dross treatment processes from aluminum melts vary.
Oman Aluminium Rolling Mills (OARM) has awarded Bahrain's Taha International Corporation (TIC) a contract to build a dross processing facility downstream of the aluminium plant.
Bahrain's Taha International Corporation has been awarded the dross management contract with Oman Aluminium Rolling Company's (OARC) plant currently under construction in Sohar, Gulf News Daily reports.
A Bahrain-based company that has developed a breakthrough green, efficient and cost-effective process to separate aluminium from smelter dross and produce fertiliser from the aluminium oxide residue has made major headway.
A Bahrain company has won a $25 million contract to process dross from an aluminium smelter in New Zealand that could transform the way that waste from smelters across the world is recycled.