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Also known as pulmonary hypertension, mountain sickness, and dropsy, the disease results from elevated pulmonary arterial pressure caused by lack of oxygen.
Wigan too suffered from dropsy as Sale Sharks-bound Charnley lost his grip under pressure from Thompson and Chris Bridge.
Citing a former Church President, Dropsy (1993:51) suggests that 95% of sermons are taken from the Hebrew Bible, and argues that 'indigenous Fijians in their Methodist ethics identify themselves closely with the Jews of Israel', because 'their Christian principles are derived from the Old Testament', (3) Readings from the Old Testament accounted for at least two-thirds of texts used in services I attended in Nabobuco, where there is extensive use of personal names taken from the Fijian translation of the Bible, and more limited use of place names in ancient Israel to refer to individual households and their occupants.
For eight-year old student of Egyptian Language School, Karim Waheed who was at Hyatt Plaza where shows such as Play D'oh and Mr Dropsy & the BellBoy were staged, it was an Eid holiday well spent.
The symptoms of Aeromoniasis include: skin hemorrhages, red sores, body ulceration, off-appetite, lethargy, popeyes, dropsy and fins rot [3].
4) However, transferring opposition to these previous vaccines to the significantly different modern vaccines, or opposing vaccination as a homogenous entity rather than assessing vaccines individually, is analogous to opposing all herbal medicines because Withering's original recommendations of Digitalis extract in dropsy were so unpredictably risky (though also undoubtedly effective, so much so that standardised alternatives are still used in conventional medicine).
But realistically there are hopefully even bigger games to come and we have to hope we've had our bout of dropsy and we won't have a similar one again.
The genus Fraxinus of the plant family Oleaceae, is a group of about 63 flowering plants [1, 2], most of them are being used as diuretic, against constipation, dropsy, arthritis and rheumatic pain [3].
Alexy Sufurin, a Russian scientist, writes in his book that by means of fasting a specific result can be obtained in treating diseases such as: anemia, dyspepsia, chronic extended enteritis, furuncle and inner abscess, consumption, rheumatism, gout (padagra, chiragra, gonagra), dropsy, sciatica, some ophthalmic diseases, diabetes, skin diseases, renal diseases, and so on.
2) Its leaves are useful in treating edema and dropsy, its roots are used as cathartics, it is also useful in treating helmintic infestation (3,4) Hence we took up this study to know if it has anti-inflammatory activity in chronic models of inflammation.
1] In 1705, Thomas Sydenham, an English physician, linked dropsy to difficulty in breathing, [2] marking the beginnings of the concept of heart failure (HF) for which digitalis, described by Withering in 1801, was the first natural remedy to be used.
Seeing the 18-year-old with a brilliant name and bright future got our man Anthony Woolford trawling through the archives to nd the best, from Bongo Christ to Johnny Moustache, Australian goalkeeper Norman Conquest to aptly-named Belgian midelder Mark De Man plus Zimbabwean Danger Fourpence and French team goalkeeper Dominique Dropsy, who was in their 1978 World Cup squad.
This may be a consequence of twin pregnancy, edema, ascites, hernia, hypoproteinemia and dropsy of fetal membranes (Govaere et al.
The only good thing about Mustard's bout of dropsy in this match is his team-mates have been wonderfully alert to the rebounds.