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and then just as the Van Dropsies had earlier scrutinized the English,
the Van Dropsies (4) and damns them for not belonging (6).
primarily with Jewish families and communities, Dropsie Avenue (1995)
life of Dropsie Avenue, a neighborhood in the Bronx housing residents of
trilogy, Dropsie Avenue: The Neighborhood (1995), (1) is strikingly
and also unlike the previous works in the trilogy, Dropsie Avenue does
encompasses Dropsie Avenue residents from the 1870s to the late
the three Dropsie Avenue narratives, "the special contracts
more, Eisner's bittersweet rendition of the Dropsie Avenue
immolation, he is then shot by his brother-in-law, the Dropsie family
work--eventually sell their homes and move away from Dropsie Avenue.
The central figure in this drama is the Dropsie neighborhood
Perhaps the most common theme in Dropsie Avenue can be summed up by
Bright separated dropsies of renal origin from dropsies due to other causes, such as heart and liver disease.
45) Stubbe's contemporary Thomas Nashe (1567-1600) also appears to have described actual alcoholics, men whose flesh was "rotten" with Dropsie," others who railed "as drunken men are wont," and still others who died "sodainly, as Fol Long, the Fencer, did, drinking Aqua vitae.