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a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

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a tiny drop

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The jumping droplet vapour chamber consists of two parallel plates: a superhydrophobic surface and a sponge-like (superhydrophilic) surface.
Averaging the results of the droplet tests could produce results that were on par with venous blood tests, but tests on six to nine drops blood were needed to achieve consistent results, the findings showed.
In paired droplet systems, most often, one droplet excited the other.
A more efficient condensation process is dropwise condensation on hydrophobic (water-repellent) surfaces, where the vapor is condensed into individual droplets which can be easily shed away by gravity.
The finding is valuable for climate models because droplet size influences a cloud's brightness, with smaller and more numerous droplets reflecting more sunlight and cooling the Earth.
The Droplet system was unique in that there was no transaction fee for merchants, only a monthly subscription.
In this context, this study aimed to evaluate the effect of air psychrometric conditions and the operating pressure on droplet spectrum of an air-assisted boom sprayer.
Caption: A water droplet initially at rest bounces higher and higher in this time-sequence image.
2, 3, 4] Estimates of liquid water content (LWC) were also made with the effective droplet diameter derived from the other traditional particle sizing probes on the test aircraft.
Evaluation of droplet size distribution indicates that the bundle contains mainly liquid droplets 1/4 mm.
The product is the first microbiome clinical lab test utilising Bio-Rad Laboratories' (NYSE:BIO) droplet digital PCR technology that allows quantification of gene copies with accuracies of 95%.
Also the discussion of spray, droplet diameter, spray velocity and evaporation of droplets are more important that these issues have been studied.
The Sentry 6120 droplet size monitor provides real-time, in-cab display of the droplet size produced by a sprayer.
This task is especially important in the study of droplet combustion in which droplet and flame diameter histories are determined from analyses of consecutive digital images.