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a fee added for returning a rented car to a location different from the one where it was rented

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In 2016, aSpekepensioner came to the ECHO and claimed the introduction of a drop-off charge at Liverpool John Lennon Airport led to his road being used as a car park.
Anthony Brown, 66, says since airport bosses introduced a PS2 drop-off charge in 2014, Hale Road, opposite the airport, has been used by holidaymakers on the way to the terminal.
Newcastle, Birmingham and East Midlands airports, as well as the Abertisowned Luton and Belfast airports, impose similar drop-off charges.
The spokesman added that airports set drop-off charges for a variety of reasons, including to manage congestion and limit the environmental impact of journeys.
Travellers were furious when the airport announced the plan to introduce drop-off charges and a petition to stop the scheme gathered more than 13,000 signatures.
The Airport Operators Association said: "Airports that operate drop-off charges do so for different reasons, including helping manage congestion and limiting the environmental impacts of kiss and fly journeys.
London, Oct 29 (ANI): Edinburgh Airport has introduced new "kiss and fly" drop-off charges by which motorists, who delay departure, will have to pay 5 pounds if they are at the drop-off for more than 10 minutes.
Starved of information, screwed to the ground by car parking and drop-off charges and then treated like visitors to a stately home when inside.
After the closure, we had to find a company licensed to haul over the road; certify testing for a list they gave us of screenings parameters to be analyzed; rent a 15-cu yd specially-lined dumpster for $1,200 a month; and pay landfill drop-off charges ranging from $40 to $50 a ton at sites in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey," he said.
Drop-off charges came into force last week at which Scottish airport?
5% VAT, airport service charge, fuel, additional driver fee, drop-off charges and other optional items.