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a hinged leaf on a table that can be raised and supported by a bracket

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The drop-leaf table was moved to the center of the room and the leaves folded up to provide more tabletop area.
1) a faintly Japanese-looking woman, with greying hair and dark eyebrows, fits snugly between her soft brown chair and the tall brown escritoire, whose drop-leaf panel nearly cuts her in half.
I'd put up with the flies and bees if we could sit at the drop-leaf oak table with purple-soaked paper plates in front of us.
Its drop-leaf style and height adjustability permit the table to stow under a worksurface when not in use, conserving space.
But Mrs Daykin, who lives on Spring Grove Street, thinks the taped-down carpet, doormats and small drop-leaf table outside her first floor flat should remain.
Several of the couple's antiques, including a drop-leaf table, dry sink and pie safe, are placed throughout the family room and paired with newer pieces, such as four leather and wood chairs from Mexico and a set of wooden bar stools hand-painted by Ann.
Q WHERE can I buy a drop-leaf table, preferably in a teak?
THIS small drop-leaf tea table, would be termed as Priory furniture.
The drop-leaf table from Century's Madera collection is a good example of an old idea that still works today.
A circular drop-leaf table stands between the two middle row chairs, which themselves swivel to face the rear -with the table slid between them all -at dinner time.
Companies such as Hickory Chair and Excelsior Designs offer circular tables in the 64-inch range with drop-leaf extensions around the perimeter.
Where existing furniture takes up valuable floor space, look at alternative furniture such as drop-leaf tables and folding or stacking chairs to allow greater freedom of movement.
Failing that, he says he will use it to wax his drop-leaf dining room table.
Our mahogany drop-leaf end table, based on one commissioned by Welsh royalty over 200 years ago, captures the high-quality, refined look of the original.
This rudimentary space held objects and images that emphasized domestic warmth and simplicity, among them a wonky drop-leaf table supporting four spherical cast-iron vessels (The Kind Thuut4ht That Sent Them There, 2014), a bulky black pillar conceived of as the installation's hearth (A Shade, 2014), and two photographs offering open and closed views through patio doors to a pleasantly overgrown private garden (At the End of His Nature I dr II, 2014).