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a menu of options that appears below the item when the computer user clicks on it

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Note: You are able to sort and find drugs according to investigators and partners from drop-down menus in the application.
Here's what an abbreviated drop-down menu looks like:
I want to send a document that contains a multiple-choice drop-down menu.
com and look for the "Investors" link in the "Resources for" drop-down menu.
If you don't have a new keyboard with the Windows button, the mouse can do the job; right-click on an empty portion of the taskbar and from the drop-down menu choose Minimize All Windows.
Companies are able to choose the contaminant, solvent to replace, type of equipment and the material that's being cleaned from a drop-down menu.
E[acute accent]To access the live webcast or archived presentation, find the "Investors" link in the "Resources for" drop-down menu on http://www.
Select the component family from drop-down menus and photos of the available options will display across the top of the screen.
Drop-down menus, breadcrumbs and left-side navigation let visitors see where they have been and where they want to go on the site.
GE has also developed a Cellar Management System, which includes bar code labeling, drop-down menus, inventory protection, easy look-up features and ongoing maintenance.
Drop-down menus are available for option, controlled name, tree, and flag fields, and these menus speed entry of commonly used values and help keep metadata vocabulary consistent.
MBG has added navigational tools such as drop-down menus to help direct users throughout the applications and access data, reports and graphs more quickly and efficiently.
The software also features interactive objects such as button sets, dialogue boxes, check boxes, list boxes and drop-down menus.
The user interface features "cut and paste" programming along with drop-down menus, toolbars, and wizards that make this system easy to learn and use.
Drop-down menus are inherently problematic, displaying differently from browser to browser and from platform to platform.